LotR: The Years of the Trees

Yes, another Lord of the Rings game! No, I don’t have any other sources of inspiration!

This game will not be as complex as Forging of the Rings. In fact, the concept is pretty simple. Everyone is vanilla. However, both factions (town and mafia) will have a few factional abilities they can use to tip the scales.

Lynch mechanics will work differently as well. Instead of the person with the most votes being lynched, the X (depending on the player count) number of people with the most votes are nominated. The scum will choose one nominated player to kill. Before this player dies, they will be able to kill any other player. In other words, there will be two kills per phase.

Mafia do not have a kill. To compensate for that, the scum team will be larger than usual. Of course, if the mafia really want to direct a kill, they can choose to lynch one of their own.

At the earliest, this game will begin after Crosscode Mafia is done.

Does this mean that every member have a “global” use limit for a factional ability?

Player A has the most number of votes. Player B has the 2nd most. Etc etc. If no 2 players has the same number of votes, would A,B, and C be nominated, or just A? (Assuming that the player count puts 3 people up)

So… the Mafia has a daykill? Or are there Non-Mafia scum?

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Love it

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  1. Town factional abilities will most likely be passive. They could be as mundane as a way to break tie votes, or as exotic as killing all the nominated players if they’re all scum. If I decided to make the town factional abilities active, I’d have to design them in a way that isn’t exploitable (i.e. can’t be used to out all of the scum).
  2. All three would be put up, yes. I haven’t decided exactly what happens in the event of a tie, but it’ll most likely change over the course of the game as a result of factional abilities being used / not used.
  3. Yeah I worded that poorly. The scum get to choose which of the nominees is executed. Then the executed nominee gets to kill someone.
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BTW the theme is Melkor’s destruction of the two trees just prior to the elves leaving the Undying Lands and settling Middle Earth.

I’ll run this once it gets to 12.
In other words, two more and we’ll go!

Assuming everyone is still in. I just realized I posted signups a month ago



Actually gonna postpone this til I have time to run it lol