Forging of the Rings - Over!

In the Second Age of Middle-Earth, more than a millennium after the defeat of the Dark Lord Morgoth, a beautiful creature by the name of Annatar (meaning “Lord of Gifts”) came to the elves and offered his aid in crafting a set of powerful magical artifacts. Together with the elf Celebrimbor, Annatar created sixteen rings. The elves, despite warnings from those who had witnessed the rise and fall of Morgoth, greedily accepted these gifts.
But they were, all of them, deceived. Annatar was secretly a disguise for Morgoth’s most trusted lieutenant, Sauron, who now sought to lay claim to Middle-Earth in his master’s stead. In secret, Sauron created one final ring. One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, one ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

However, the Dark Lord was about to learn that his conquest would not be as he’d hoped. The moment he slipped his Ring onto his finger, the elves, their powers enhanced by their own Rings, sensed his malefic intent and removed their Rings. Enraged, Sauron sent his agents to Eregion to reclaim his creations. It seemed that the fourth Kinslaying was soon at hand…

The Forging of the Rings


Setup Info

  1. There are three Agents of Sauron and ten Loyal Eldar. These are the mafia and town respectively.
  2. The win condition for the Agents of Sauron is to return all of the Rings to Sauron. I will explain how this happens later. The Agents of Sauron were given a list of the names of the Rings in play, but they do not know who received them or what they do.
  3. Each player has started the game with at least one Ring. All 19 Rings are in play, so some players have received multiple.
  4. Each player has at least one passive ability. No player has an intrinsic active ability - that’s what the Rings are for.
  5. Each Ring can be used to perform a night action. The number of night actions you can perform is equal to half of the number of Rings you possess, rounded up. There is no limit to the number of Rings a player can possess at once.
  6. Using a Ring will afflict you with Ring-corruption. The first point will reveal to the Agents of Sauron that you have used that specific Ring; mechanically, this counts as Sauron’s passive investigative ability, so it can be avoided with action-immunity. The second point will disable your passive ability for that night and the following day. The third point will turn you into a Ringwraith, removing you from the game and returning all of your Rings to Sauron. Each level of Ring-corruption also triggers all the levels below it. The Ring-corruption is specific to each Ring, so you can theoretically use every Ring twice without turning into a Ringwraith.
  7. Being blocked or having your action otherwise prevented does not prevent Ring-corruption from accumulating.
  8. Each night, you may elect to send any number of your Rings to any number of other players. This does not count as an action, so it cannot be blocked or manipulated by normal means. This resolves at dawn, so if your target ends up dying, you’ll simply keep the Ring. You may use a Ring’s action and send it away in the same night.
  9. In addition to being able to send their Rings to other players, the Agents of Sauron may alternatively send Rings to Sauron himself. This effectively removes the Rings from the game.
  10. If you kill a player or place the last vote on a lynched player, you take their Rings. If two players kill each other, they will immediately have to send one another’s Rings to the player(s) of their choice.

Game Info

  1. Days will be 72 hours long, nights will be 24 hours long.
  2. Hammers are in effect. If no hammer is reached by deadline, the player who is the fewest votes away from being lynched is lynched. In the case of a tie, nobody is lynched.
  3. You may claim anything in your role PM, aside from obvious stuff like timestamps. Just don’t quote or post anything and you’ll be fine.
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The game will begin tomorrow. Don’t forget to read the setup info! If you have any questions about the setup or your role, please do not hesitate to ask.

Just a reminder that this is a #friendly game. Please be civil.

Game will open in a few hours.

Game on!

Day One ends in 72 hours.

I’m aquiver with excitement.


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fuck off

VOTE: Nanook

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Ok so give me all 19 rings

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Let’s form a town block of elves

I’ll be honest with you guys I’m probably gonna slank this game the next very busy 24 hours, but I’ll be back to rescue you like Gandalf the White before you know it.

That’s in your outta the bloc

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