Liking Posts

I’m thinking about (re)activating the “Like” function for posts.

It’s obviously better to have it in all circumstances outside of Mafia.

Do you guys think there’d be game related problems to having it be there? I see two problems with it:

  1. dead players/player’s not in game liking posts.
  2. Player’s liking and unliking posts.

For 2 there’s an easy solution - I think I can set it so like’s can’t be undone. The first however would probably have to run on an “honor system” (I think I can check the like history of posts if I really want to, but its a hassle and not something I’d do normally).

What do you guys think?

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I like it!

It is handy so show appreciation without having to post a thank you


Dead players should never post ‘likes’ in the game threads. It’s essentially the same as posting itt.

I don’t mind likes by live players in the game, it can show agreement with the post and can be helpful if you’ve little time to quote and agree.

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Yeah - the only problem with regards to this is enforcement will be hard outside of someone accidentally seeing a change - so everyone has to be okay with honor systeming it.



I’ve turned liking on, let’s see how this goes.


Right now there’s no grace period to “unlike” a post.
I COULD set it to a 1min grace period in case of mouse slippos.



What’s the thought process behind the inclusion of such a feature in mafia games?

None atm. Probably has some uses though? Easy way to show agreement without making a post etc.etc.

If it’s better out of game and neutral in game I don’t see the problem. There’s only an issue if it’s somehow bad for games yeah.

Yes, small grace period, please. I have mouse slips often, not sure if that would happen on this site layout, tho

haha welp. it took a little over a day for me to accidentally like a post.


My home site had likes activated. It was mostly a rule that dead players couldn’t like, and that players not in the game could like either. Then when there were scum flips there were likes, but never on the town mislynches.

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I think it would be funny to like a town lynch as town.

Funny thing is I thought that too, I just never did it because I thought ‘fuck that i’m not gonna get flack for this’ haha.

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