LAPD Mafia 12+


I’m working on an actual game this time… More or less. Anyone want in?

Set Up details:

8-11 Townies
0-2 Third Party
3-4 Mafia

There will be two types of roles: Roles & Role Modifiers

Roles will be assigned simultaneously with alignment, Role modifiers will be assigned after alignment. This means that anyone (including mafia) can have a role modifier, but roles like cop/tracker/roleblocker/etc are alignment specific.

Mafia know all town roles (but not modifiers), this is to limit town’s effectiveness at mass-claim without giving the mafia team specific fake claims.

All of the roles & modifiers used are non-standard and can in some cases creep towards bastard, but the game itself is not bastard.

All other information is closed.

Guessing this is going to be roughly as balanced as central plains.

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the name of the setup does not inspire hope

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“Actual game” in the same way “hey admins come be the Supreme Court” was an actual game :thinking:


If Protoss were a mafia alignment… Wait a minute, I just got an idea for my next game.

That game wasn’t the worst as far as new concepts go.

I talked to key about this. I told her there should be a mechanic where mafia could edit a dot into someone’s post and town has to notice in a few seconds and message the host “emp” or mafia instantly wins.

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Leave the other trash game balancer on the site alone

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I made a role where a player could edit other people’s posts… I don’t think it really worked.

protoss also doesn’t really work as a race so

tbh the mafia alignment is already protoss.

it’s an execution test for town, if town plays perfectly they can’t do anything


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Sounds about right, PvT is just impossible basically.

Some set up details have been included in the thread so that you know what you’re getting into.


But the people are

And the host, especially the host.

No, they’re a Pretender


Fuck it.

Approximately similar playerlist as the Gtacc game. Sure.

@Phraze it’d be a delight if I could play with you again. Hopefully, this game has less town gamethrowing.