LAPD Dead Thread

D1 Lynch: GoalKeeperBoss, Town Detective
D1 Lover died: Kiymali_pide, 3rd Party
N1 Kill: Doggoplays, Vanilla Town
N1 Kill: Chesskid3, Vanilla Town
D2 Lynch: Ellibereth, Mafia Goon
N2 Kill: Urist, Mafia Lone Wolf
D3 Lynch: Jakethewolfie, Town Forensics Expert
N4 Kill: MetalSonic, 3rd Party Preacher


Did i hallucinate the scum having access to the town roles orrr

L o l

Scum had access to some of the role PMs, but they didn’t know which/if they were in the game.

:thinking: you really are a bastard mod

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Oh, I completely forgot.


i guess when starv is the mod, reading the rules is a disadvantage :angry:


Know your mod.

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Is it obvious that the mafia team is determining kill flavor or not at all?

it should be obvious based on the hint you gave at the start of the game

Also because I don’t say donut, I say doughnut.

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Actually, I only forgot 1 town role @Urist in the mafia thread and it’s not even that significant.

ah well i assumed they’d have all the roles, see that the numbers don’t add up, and know that they have a lone wolf (probably the guy fakeclaiming cop)
maybe i’m grossly overestimating their intelligence

Well, they thought you were a SK… Somehow. So I wouldn’t necessarily count on people adding up the roles to a logical conclusion.

But I mean, all 3 mafia are goons (though there was a mechanic where they could get PRs), so they have to assume one of you, jake, MS is fake claiming else the game is pretty imbalanced.

Especially given that the detective was verifiable information if Kiymali_Pide was present to back the claim.

Some role spoilers

Also, Kiyamali_Pide and MetalSonic are both town with a lyncher component - hence 3rd party (they basically are almost guaranteed to have to kill each other in order to win).

It was my way of nerfing town in a way that was slightly… Unusual.