Kebap Mafia - Endgame

looks like karsarli is cheese and kiymali is meat and both is meat and cheese I think!?

ah okay. that makes sense i suppose?

anyway can you hammer so we can move this on

VOTE: Goalkeeperboss

GoalkeeperBoss (5): MetalSonic, Phraze, Ellibereth, Seththeking, sunbell
MetalSonic (1): GoalkeeperBoss

Not Voting (2): DoggoPlays, Urist

A majority has been reached! @GoalkeeperBoss was lynched! His role was…

Welcome, GoalkeeperBoss, you are:
Peynirli Pide
Vanilla Townie
You are a very common dish served in almost every kebap place. Your only ability is your voice and your vote.

You win when all members of the Italian Food Mafia are dead

A customer enters and says: Huh? What is this? Isn’t this a Kebap restaurant?

Waiter: [speaks in Italian]

Customer: Oh ok then, I’ll order pizza

Waiter: [speaks in Italian]

Customer: Then I’ll order lasagne, please.

Nothing can prevent an Italian mafia win at this point so mafia consisting @DoggoPlays, @Ellibereth, @Kiymali_Pide and @Phraze wins!


Postgame Policy please keep our postgame policy in mind while postgame posting. I will post other role PM’s soon.

le rip

@MetalSonic That’s not a vig shot

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Functionally a vig shot.


Let the crying begin!

A town that suicides when attacked is basically a Vanilla Town

This was a horrible game that needs to be buried for eternity. Who even cares about the outcome. Elli gets it massively wrong and is not lynched? Town self-destruct not once, not twice, but three times? Frankly, this takes the cake as the worst game that I’ve played (in terms of my own gameplay), and a complete failure by Town.

Thanks for Modding GTacc. And good work Scum, though it didn’t take that much effort to sit back and watch us eat each other alive.


Everyone: If Jake is town, Elii is scum

Elli: Nah

Everyone: Oh ok.


How did that even happen? He should have been quick Lynched. Instead he drives a mass claim? Unreal. I can’t even really complain I was so bad.

Ah, Elli was scum. That makes me very sad.

Why didn’t you, someone who was alive, lynch Elli as soon as dawn broke?

Well, I was trying to give him the benefit of the doubt:

to be fair I think I need to adjust some things on reading jake or this game was an outlier, he would have set off a lot of actual things i consider way above rand scum here.

It extremely did not help the matter that lynching you was delayed until Day 3.