Kebap Mafia - Endgame


  1. Follow site rules and stuff, if you have any questions about game please ask me privately.
  2. Do not quote your role pm or any part of it. Do not quote any private talk. If you are unsure about this rule, please ask me before acting.
  3. No personal communications about game unless your role pm specifically allows it.
  4. Don’t be a jerk and be nice because this game is #friendly. If you are thinking this rule is getting broken, please let me know privately.
  5. If I forgot any rules please let me know privately and don’t try to find loopholes or stuff.

72/24 hour day night cycle
Majority + plurality (people with most votes at EoD gets lynched) lynch
Ties are broken by mafia
7/24 mafia chat
Mafia is provided safe fakeclaims
Do not expect changing wincons or any neutrals, there are only 2 factions in this game

This is town win condition:
You win when all members of the Italian Food Mafia are dead

DO NOT POST YET! Someone please lock the thread if you can.

I am sending out role PM’s

All role PM’s are sent, please confirm under them. The game may start once everybody confirms their role pm’s or 24 hours later, whichever happens first.



You are in a good Kebap place but you smell Italian food.
Day one will end in 72 hours.
You may post now.

With 15 players, majority is 8.

Not Voting (15): Phraze, RachQuit, sunbell, Kiymali_Pide, MetalSonic, chesskid3, GoalkeeperBoss, DoggoPlays, Ellibereth, StarV, Seththeking, Urist, JakeTheWolfie, DS, Andresvmb

Hey guys, my name is GTacc. I only eat 2 things: booty and kebab. And I’m all outta kebab.


VOTE: Urist

I think Urist is confirmed mafia already

If we quick lynch him, it’ll make me very happy. Flavor seems to indicate that he likes to go to flavor town, if you know what I’m saying.

I’m down for a quick lynch



My flavor post actually confirms me as town. Like… I am confirmed town already.

I’m sorry I don’t speak italian

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Can someone with a brain please confirm that they understand what I’m saying? It’s ok if you don’t agree that it makes me confirmed town, but everyone should understand the point I went out of my way to make right… I think?

Also, I still think Urist is mafia.

Also, let’s be real, if I’m town you can take my Urist flavor slip read at face value…


If I’m mafia, I’m bussing him the way I bussed M2H in the SoDope game.

Either way, there is no downside in not quick lynching here.

Anyone tryna lynch this kebap should probably also die. Sorry DS.

i literally just copy-pasted a post from the introductions thread

the scum have fakeclaims you god damned donkey

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