Kebap Mafia - Chat Italiana

This is the mafia chat, you are all mafia sharing the same goal:
You win when you reach majority of alive players or reach parity

Also there is a special mechanic for this game:
Instead of regular night kills, there are poisons instead. The person you poison will die 2 days later, which means if you poison X at n1, they will live through d2 and n2 then die at the beginning of d3. It won’t be announced that the player died to poison. Also, mafia poisons are assigned and done solely, which means, let’s say, if doctor uses their heal on n1, they can not get assigned for the poison at the same night. If they are choosen to poison, they can not use their heal etc.

Kiymali_Pide's role

Welcome, Kiymali_pide, you are:

Mafia 2-shot Strongpoisoner, 1-shot Lynchproof
You are a member of the Italian Mafia Food family
You have been representing your country for a while and almost you come to the mind first whenever someone mentions Italy.

Because you are that strong in Italy, you can pick to strongpoison someone and they are going to get poisoned almost no matter what.
Also if you get lynched, your popularity will make you survive the lynch for the first time. This is going to disappear if you are alive and there are 3 players left.

Ellibereth's role

Welcome, Ellibereth, you are:

Mafia Roleblocker, Announcer
You are a member of the Italian Mafia Food family
Cats like you, especially lazy ones.
Each night you may visit a player, preventing them from taking actions by making them a lazy cat for the night.
You also happened to find a megaphone, so each night you may also decide to say something up to 500 words to be revealed anonymously to the whole thread at the start of the next day.

Phraze's role

Welcome, Phraze, you are:

Mafia Goon
You are a member of the Italian Mafia Food family
You are a dish that is served in many variants but this time you are just plain pasta.

DoggoPlays's role

Welcome, DoggoPlays, you are:

Mafia N1 Doctor, Novice Vanilla Cop
You are a member of the Italian Mafia Food family
You are a very delicious dessert! So delicious that people that eat you once feels like they got rid of all pains in their lives. You also know what is vanilla and what is not, but only after your phase for healing taste.

On n1, you may pick a player to use your doctor ability.
Starting from n2, you may use your vanilla cop to find our if someone is vanilla or not.

I will be posting your fakeclaims before d1 starts, and please confirm your role here. Also if everybody is OK with it, I can create a discord server instead for mafia chat.

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Elli please fix image’s in spoilers or whatever lol

hullo frens

I’m flippin delicious

so I can only be doctor n1? and after n1 I’m can’t doc anymore and am a vanilla cop?

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I dont mind a dc chat

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Also… I’m that ration food lol

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Discord would be nice


Welcome, Phraze, you are:

Kıymalı Pide
Vanilla Townie
You are a very common dish served in almost every kebap place.
Your only ability is your voice and your vote.

You win when all members of the Italian Food Mafia are dead


Welcome, DoggoPlays, you are:

Ciğer Kebap
Town N1 Doctor N2 Tracker
You are benefical people, especialy for their blood. That’s why you can heal someone N1.
And because you have a şiş that can stick, you can follow them wherever you want but after N2 you get blunt and have no use.


town roles do look like that, there are 2 safe fakeclaims but I’ll only make flavor for them if you want to
İskender (1x Lynchproof 2xstrongpoisoner fakeclaim): 1-shot lynchproof

Beyti kebap (roleblocker fakeclaim): jailkeeper


Hi where are you
Also can you teach me how to set votecounts with no voters and stuff?

FWIW town role pms’ title are like this:

Kebap Mafia - PlayerName

I got you

[ votecount]
Not Voting (15): All Your, Playernames, with correct punctuation, And_Spacing, separated By CommaS
[/ votecount]

Without the spaces in the tags obviously

do we have a general gameplan?

where you at @Ellibereth

is this a typo?

the two misspelled words and the grammar = triggered scum doggo.

*To people

Also I will release this topic at the end if none of you objects to me privately

don’t say anything here you wouldn’t want available to public we don’t do that “keep it private please” stuff.

i hate ellibereth