Jungle of Bullshit Xtreme (7p)

https://wiki.mafiascum.net/index.php?title=Jungle_of_Bullshit but there are 5 mafia instead of 3 (still 2 town). In order to prevent quickhammer and balance with 5 mafia, there is a deadline lynch and you should post at least 5 game-related posts.

Basically, if town is lynched on day 1, they became IC then thread is locked and IC kills until 3 people are left/they kill town. If they kill town, mafia wins. If there are 3 people left, IC picks who to kill.

If mafia is lynched on day 1, they die and start killing mafia until 1 mafia is left (and 2 town), then pick a town member as IC.

I will decide how long is a day or other periods later.

Mafia has daychat
Majority DOES NOT end the day 1


2/7 lolll

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I think 48 hour day periods are ok. And 24 hour killing period betweens days.


Ping me on discord I might forget about the game or website o7

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Theres a button now!

Only need 2 more

Oh I found it thought thread is empty

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This seems like a fast game, let’s do it