Jungle of Bullshit Xtreme 7p (Endgame)

Misc. info:
No majority lynch on day 1
Mafia has a chat 7/24
At least 5 game relevant posts before EoD1
Friendly game


Town role pm will say “You are town.”
Mafia will be added to mafia chat.
Randing now.

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The game has started. It will end in 2019-09-28T15:00:00Z

VOTE: Nanook

We actually want to kill town I’m pretty sure, so scum don’t control who the IC is.

Hardclaim scum

95% of the time it’s good for me to do whatever the opposite of what Nanook wants to do

I mean ok I was going to meme this game but now I need to try

nanooks post is both a scumclaim and a signal that the other townie who isn’t me he thinks won’t be as accurate as me in mowing them down

Oh no it confirms elli as scum too it does 3 things

I’m too sleepy to proceed rn I’ll think about the setup by the time I return
First time playing this outside of fast discord games but basically the IC if lynched needs to recognise the last town and not shoot him
With that I don’t see jesting as best method to use unless you’re confident in your abilities to find scummy town among scummy scum /BigBrainTime
With that I might take chesskid claim seriously here

I mean yeah I’m pretty confident tbh :woman_shrugging:

This is gonna be a fun thread isn’t it

Both sides have incentive to want one of them to die, so. I always forget how much I hate these kinds of games when I signup and think “this one will be different!” Then the game starts and I’m like “nope, this still sucks.”

If we’re not gonna kill me I guess gambling on Elli being town isn’t the worst thing, he’s either scum or he’s the town with the highest likelihood to shoot the scum. 1/6 aren’t great odds though, and I think scum controlling the IC is just objectively bad yeah?

So in conclusion, kill me, I find my mason and shoot the scummerz, town wins, ggezpz.

That all went straight over my head tbh.

If scum get lynched they force it into lylo with no confirmed correct?

How is optimal play here not the 5 scumfucks picking 1 scumfuck to not be a scumfuck and the other 4 piling on someone

Someone of the other 4 to control the lynch blahblah

This game is dumb see u at lylo.

Confirmed Scum:

Will update as more people out themselves