It's a Comic Book Death, For Me (GSHM dead thread)

This is the deadthread. Spoilers can be found here:

Andres: Alien
Effers: GTVA
Mantis: WW
Urist: Trusty Sidekick
MS: Speedy (scum)
Mylo: Fly Guy (scum)
Screen: Grim

Who is effers?


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I’d love to see who ffery shoots. It’s sad that she’s scumreading Mylo, else its a likely misshoot!

We both as scum had a bunch of unexpected sad deaths, you in DS9 and me here! Ouchies!

Yeah, those are both pretty unfortunate deaths. Just how the game goes, sometimes–sometimes you die for no real fault of your own, town was just on their game.

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I would guess that Effers probably holsters tonight.

I want to know the secret mechanics behind how my time travel worked.

It seems pretty anti-scum.

It was designed to be kind of anti-whatever alignment had it. Partly for flavor reasons…partly because I don’t like hard “you can only revive X amount of time in the past” limits…partly because I wanted to introduce some potential downside to using it…and partly because I disliked the possibility of there being 3 confirmed townies.

So, there was a 10% chance for each player to change alignment per turn rewound, and a 5% chance per player to die (so for example, if on N3 you rewound to the start of D1…that would be a 30% chance for Mylo to flip alignments, and a 15% chance he dies…30% for Effers to change alignment, 15% to die…etc., etc.

There was also the restriction that alignment changes couldn’t result in insta-win for either alignment…cause it’s bastard game, but that’s just not even close to fair.


It isn’t so useful for scum as it is more like “resetting the game”! It’ll probably help town way more than help scum. That’s what I felt.

Oh well! We’ll see if town is able to catch Mylo!

Yeah, i really wanted to have time travel as a power…but I didn’t want it to be game breaking for either side, so this was my compromise. Dunno how good it is, but I think it acts as a deterrent without eliminating the possibility of use…you’d be better qualified to speak on that than me though, lol

It’s really cool! But scum wouldn’t use it unless their partner died. Since there’s only 1 partner, there aren’t a lot of use cases for it! Having the partner change sides is also pretty unappealing!

What superpower would you like to have, in real life? Do you have kids? What about them?

Fun fact: Urist actually caught me scumslipping when I didn’t click the link to view Mylo’s meta!


I’d say…probably invisibility, that or regeneration. Those are both the most functionally useful I’d say.

No kids yet! One on the way, though, due in February :grin:


Yikes. Effers current order is to vig Mylo. This may be a short game lol.

Or the GM is an idiot who forgot Mylo’s role. Lol.

Yeah, Mylo is vig proof

Sad (for scum!) that the vig wasn’t used on town!!!

For me, as a kid I always liked invisibility or teleportation. Having both together would be so OP!

But, older now, in society the most broken power IMO is mind control. But in a fantasy universe yeah I’d be with you on invisibility, or teleportation.