Isn't It Divine? (Demonic Mafia)

Welcome to the Divine Entity chat! Here is where you can speak to each other, freely and without restriction. You are not guaranteed to be the same alignment. Two powers not mentioned in your role PMs: first, the two of you will decide any ties in the TK vote. If there’s a tie, you will have until the end of the Twilight phase to decide who will die. The second power is that you have a Night Kill–each night, you may select one player to attempt to kill. You must agree on the choice, or the kill will be made randomly. The kill is compulsive and cannot be holstered.

If you are summoned into the game, then you will lose both the Night Kill and the ability to break ties, but you will gain the ability to vote and be voted for. You may or may not also gain another ability.

In addition to all that! Only the two of you will know the ratio of evil to good alive. You’ll lose this ability when summoned, but following flips will include alignment. At the start of D1, the ratio is 9/4.

O jeez

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A clarification on your posting restriction: you can “queue” posts ahead of time if you want, they just won’t be sent to the thread until the next segment. So for example, if you want to queue a post tonight to be submitted at the start of the day, you can do that. Obviously queued posts can be changed before they’ve been submitted.

Not a requirement by any means, purely an option!

Can we make you make our riddles for us

Sure but they can’t be very long if I’m making them. Five or six sentences tops.

Wait so if I queue up a post that gives me 1 extra post for the day basically

Nope–your second post still can’t come until 24 hours into the day.

Oh gotcha gotcha

Your timers start now, riddles submitted by 2019-07-10T01:00:00Z will count towards your first segment, anything submitted after will count towards your second. Make sure to tag me in your submission otherwise I’ll assume you’re workshopping it :+1:

So Andres are u just scum

9/4 with 2 town not in game seems :thinking:

@Nanook can u tell us how many factions that 9/4 includes or no

Are you?

There are only two factions in the game.

It’s kind of odd that we have a NK. But are possibly not the same faction? What sorcery is this.

I hate riddles man. This is going to be tough.

I guessss the only way this is balanced is by the NK

But I’m still like omega skeptical u are town just from game balance lmao

I’ll make the riddles for you if you give me something short. I’m not making a twelve sentence riddle–you’re welcome to do so on your own though :stuck_out_tongue:

Well if we can’t agree then the NK is just done randomly. So maybe you trust me here a bit?

Also, the fact that the ratio appears to change means this is bastard as hell haha