im busy feel free to submit for me

Ya let’s kill everyone

I’ll remove urist u shoot uh someone?

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I can’t kill anyone today. Even numbers only.

O lame

Well im gonna get TKed tmrw

@starv if I die having corrupted a player grima isn’t neighbors with does he still get revealed?

Grima never gets revealed by your death. The spell holding is dependent on Grima, not you.

If you corrupt a player Grima isn’t neighbors with, then Grima is simply not involved in the transaction.

Okay cool

corrupt urist

is @Ellibereth taking any action?

He’s whining egregiously

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@chesskid3 you pick my action if you want to use the steal. i just don’t know what to claim if asked what role is a neighborizer

I don’t know who to claim if it comes that I need to ID myself as a day vig

Maybe just claim you neighbored with Chess?

Lol yeah that’s a great idea

I’m telling u Haldir for neighbor or neighborizer

i mean do we want the kill or the vote/role steal

We want the kill

Don’t neighborize urist