You don’t get a N0

Confirmed, if you make a new decision, make sure you inform me within the next 4 hours and 52 minutes.

@Ellibereth your action is optional, if you don’t submit anything, you will simply not take any action.

Want me to kill Andres?

No thats too rude lol

I feel like I’m just declaring if I N0 kill Nanook lol

Oh shit, doesn’t a N0 kill of Not you or Not Eli kinda put you both?


@StarV i think I want to holster

Actually, fuck it, still shoot Nanook @StarV

Locked in on Nanook.

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Riders of the Rohirrim found the devastation left by Ugluk’s horde sometime near dawn… Reports from our spies indicate that they found Nanook amongst the bodies… Ugluk seems to have botched the mission, Hama still draws breath.

He is badly wounded, and probably won’t make it through the day.

Hama is immune to Uruk Attack for today due to being bedridden in Meduseld.


fuck hama piece of shit

Can we talk here during the day?


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So I’m pretty sure that Orange and Black does if he’s less accurate at voting than one of us and not some other towny. 1) it’s a simple math check, they still haven’t voted because their accuracy target hasn’t voted yet, and that leaves 7 non voters that we make up 3 of that 7. 2) I think it’s a fun challenge to be killed if you vote less accurately than a scum player. I think there can be a way that we use this.

Good job team!

Got em

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I assume we do a kill tonight with your ability Chess?