Illuminati HQ!

Hey you guys are the Illuminati! I am too but SHHHHH we can’t tell anyone.

You guys have a few factional abilities!

Trump Breaks ties in the Senate. If it’s a tie, I’ll break it. I know it’s supposed to be Pence but he’s busy and I’m here so. Just let me know how you want me to vote thanks guys!

You know that M2H is Mitch McConnell! You also know they have a 1-shot Bulletproof Vest! Wow! Very Cool!

You can also give Ruth Bader Ginsburg a randomly selected form of cancer from WebMD on alternate nights starting from either night 1 or night 2. If Ruth Develops cancer on Night X, she cannot vote on items appealed to the Supreme Court during the following Day.

You may also instruct the DoJ to appeal existing legislation to the supreme court. If no selection is made, a randomly selected cosmetic one (i.e. not the 19th amendment) will be used based on Trump’s whims. This appeal will be made at twilight in either case, without time for the thread to discuss what the supreme court should do.

Here’s some options:
The 19th Amendment (Vanillize all women and remove them from their Congress/Supreme Court Private Topics and strip them of all power)

Repeal Roe vs. Wade (nothing actually happens except a lot of outrage)

Death Row Inmates v. US. (US Government saves millions per year, uses it to finance Elon Musk Tanks for US Army and prepare for war with China)

Trump vs. IRS (It’s been a red herring all along!)

[your suggestion here they’re just memes]

I hate you but also I love you

So elli are you ready to hard carry

I do not know what I’ve gotten myself into.

role PMs are going out now. Feel free to paste yours

Clearly a well considered and elaborate game that was definitely not designed ad hoc

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What can’t take a compliment? You should smile more!

The best mafia game ever designed. The balance is perfect, all the roles are really really good.


Btw town role pm phrase is

“You are also a true American Patriot, and not some Illuminati Scum!”

So as a member of the House of Representatives, I can chat in private in Da House as well as in here?

Correct! I’m going to edit the House/Senate/Supreme Court OPs to make more sense once PMs are all out

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What’s up my boy Nooky! Looks like you’re an Illuminati! But you can propose 4 pieces of legislation and have 1 passive ability! Cool!

  • Suns Out, Burkinis Out! Mandate Burkas, Niqabs and Hijabs for all! Also teach a course to educate people about the very important functional and cultural differences between these three garments so they can be as politically correct as possible and give [name] a body double that acts as a 1-shot bulletproof vest since they get shot instead of them!
  • To prevent the changing of regulations governing the provision of waivers under the supplemental nutrition assistance program, and for other purposes like banning the consumption of pork for all. [Name] must give a short presentation on why Pork should be banned in the USA.
  • Homes for All Act of 2019 and make [Name] channel their inner Oprah and build houses like my boy Jimmy C. Public Roleblock.
  • DISCLOSE Act of 2018 and publically reveal all non-classified portions of [name]’s role PM. Namely their identity and any abilities they have along with possible legislation they can sponsor. For example, if used on you, it would not reveal your alignment, but would reveal your Ninja ability so I recommend against that!


Ninja (Passive). Yep, it’s exactly as racist as you thought. Can’t be seen on a watch or track. Can be jailbroken or roleblocked however.

Hey Sloonei! You’re Adam Schiff. Might not look like Illuminati, but he is! It’s all in the eyes.

In addition to your factional abilities, check out what you’ve got! Wow, 4 different things you can propose! So Cool!

Legislation you may propose:

  • Orange man bad, [name] good. Confirms [name] as town publically. If this becomes law and is untrue, Schiff-man dies. If he is already dead nothing will happen either way.
  • America Loves Watching Me! The game thread will receive a watcher results on Schiff-Man the night this is codified into law.
  • Confronting the Threat of Domestic Terrorism Act by determining how many scum are in the game!
  • Safe Hydration is an American Right in Energy Development Act of 2019 and kindly requesting everyone in the game to be careful while drinking and be sure to drink water and not just soda (Does Nothing)

So I don’t appear to have any abilities clearly benefit our team, but this also gives me no need to worry about hiding anything to do with my role.

However, as a newcomer, I fear I may be an obvious target for investigative abilities.

@realDonaldTrump @chesskid3 do all the house of reps have 4 pieces of legislation to propose or is that just us?

Can’t answer that

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I would only reveal the how many scum one personally, it’s fine not revealing under pretense of “dont want to give scum in group too much info for NKs.”

I am generally hesitant to reveal things anyway, probably stemming from my syndicate upbringing. I also don’t fully understand how the mechanics of this game are going to play out. I figure I need to see it in action.

Tbf (to be faaaaaiiiiiiiirrrr) I don’t think chess does either