Ranked 2v7


why do i hear boss music


the ranked rules don’t say getting voted by town lowers ur score tho

We look at the final vote-count and result of each day.

  • If a town player is voting mafia, they get 2 points.
  • If mafia is lynched, all living town players get 1 point.

At the end of the game we take the percent of points a player got out of total possible for them (3 times the amount of days they were alive) and rank them in order.

pretty sure it does otherwise how am i going to get elo

Yeah he says that there but then never again

just accept that it is the way it is skeptical chesskid

Typical @Ellibereth all promise (“Here’s a post with a catchy subject!”) no follow through (“it’s empty and I may or may not fill it out later”).


its all talk no action get it right

I said what I meant now stop bloating

no u stop bloating sad clem

(he’s sad bc m2h took his top spot :cry:)

@JakeTheWolfie can you vote so we can get this over with honestly

We also need Urist to vote!

Well go in your scum chat and tell him to vote then !

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I wish I was in a scum chat with urist, he’s a cool dude!

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Hang on I’ll tell him

hey someone told me to check the thread what’s up