House of Representatives

Hey welcome to the House of Representatives!

We have some members!
@Dab - Devin Nunes
@Sloonei - Adam Schiff
@Key - Alexandra Ocassisoso Cortez
@Seththeking - Nancy Pelosi
@Nanook - Ilhan Omar

This PT will be open during Days, and in the pregame! You will find in your role PMs some possible legislation. If you have any questions about what you are allowed to change in the legislation (usually I put it in brackets, like a name), please ask privately in your role PM thread with me.

Each Representative may Propose at most one piece of legislation per day, and legislation must achieve a majority to pass. We are currently 5, so that means 3 votes for. In the event we reach an even number, Miss Pelosi breaks ties.


You would say that, god you’re such a Nancy

Am I allowed to say 1 of my things,

Idk ask grand overlord @realDonaldTrump

What does PT stand for? Private Talky? Private Team? Potent Telecommunications? Poilet Taper?

there’s no restrictions on claiming anything go wild

Private Topic

I should elaborate - once proposed, the contents and effect of legislation will be advertised here. Everyone may or may not have legislation to propose, but those who do are free to say nothing about it until they propose it, or claim it all whenever.

Just want to say.
I have 1 that forces a player to post the national anthem with their post the entire game.
Or they have to make a 300 word essay. I can’t remember but there was a certain subject they have to do.

I appreciate being someone I recognise

I think it’s fair to assume we have at least one illuminati and scum will be coordinating across all three groups?

Yeah seems reasonable to me. Think there have to be at least three scum,I’d guess one in each group at least makes sense, so maybe a fourth scum just so we can’t get a bunch of town clears from Tking correctly early on?

We appear to be the largest group, with 6/11 total players in here. I’d speculate, then, that the senate and supreme court have 3 and 2 members each (probably respectively if we’re keeping the ratios realistic). “One scum in each group” would seem pretty broken in the 2-person pairing in particular. Not impossible, but I’d be more inclined to suggest random distribution. Idk though, i’m not from here.

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Why can’t this be pure town?

This is more than 50% of the game, scum would be pretty concentrated if they were only in the remaining 5

Firstly there’s 5 of us, I would assume 3 in both the other groups. With those numbers I think 1 in each makes sense, probably a second in here if there’s 4.

Secondly if this is pure I will laugh my ass off and congratulate Chesskid for being a terrible designer but a great troll.