Help us get better at scumplay

I think our players are on average much much much better at town than scum.
Let’s talk about how to get better as scum, because god knows I need some advice.


Be less like elli. Be more like josh.

Good advice in general tbh.

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I don’t think that our players are strictly worse at playing scum than players anywhere else… There is a big gap in town play though, which leads to it being near-impossible to play scum on this site.

Because the core is so much better at town than at scum, anyone outside the core rolling scum is instantly poe (and dead).

For instance, I think some players who have been occasional players are really easy to read, easier than some of the 451 members.

There are two approaches to playing better scum:

  1. Play worse town
  2. Increase the level of play around you so that people can’t or don’t have to rely on you anymore. I saw recently in a game where Josh said he had a tell on me (which I won’t talk about because ongoing), but if you think you have a tell on someone, try to erase that tell by helping that player improve. If everyone is better, your town play is going to be more challenging, without deliberately dumbing yourself down. If you are more challenged as town, you will go easier under the radar as scum.

Basically, what I’m saying is stop being right all the time. You can either dumb down your play or elevate that of others.

Part of that might also be to be less stubborn when you know you’re right. I feel like pushing someone stubbornly with the mentality that I know their scum when no one else understands breaks the system a bit.

breaks what system

try hard


try very little and make it your playstyle


You want to be good at scum?

Dont play on 451

hey that rhymed

I think it only rhymes if you cant pronounce 1

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More like four fifty dumb, amirite

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Chesskid thinks nothing rhymes with orange either

I mean where you play shouldn’t change your skill level zzz.
Only relative skill changes site to site yeah.

Bigger games will increase scum win rate I think

maybe i’m biased from bigger games being even easier on ms.

Mafia scum players suck though. I had all my teammates dead by d2 and scummed my way to last man standing to win there.

They don’t know how to deal with gambits

The polling we did had 12-15 as people’s ideal player size. I think you and Tier were the main outliers who loved larger.

I do think scum here should gambit more tho. That’s good one. It’s riskier to not take risks etc.

you sir earn my second like ever