Guapo's Law

The origin of this term is lost in internet mafia history, but the meaning has been passed down on quite a few mafia forums.

Guapo’s Law can be stated as follows: "If a player asks a question of another player, and the other player isn’t you, don’t answer it. At least not right away. Let the player who was asked answer first. The player who asked the question is scumhunting (or pretending to scumhunt) and all the players in the game may gain some insight from how the question is answered, as well as the question itself.

My analogous law is “Don’t walk through my lines of questioning with your hobnail boots”.

Good Example:

Player A: “Player B, Why did you vote for Player C?”

Player D: “I have some thoughts about that question, but I’ll save them until Players B and C have a chance to discuss.”

Bad Example:

Player A: “Player B, Why did you vote for Player C?”

Player D: “Player B obviously didn’t like Player C’s RVS vote.”

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But I like intercepting them on purpose for full lulz :<

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There is a certain class of player that does this all the time and it’s very frustrating to play with, I think, as it often functions as a “dumb but not scum” tell for me.

I do think there are some circumstances where you want to do it though, if the person asking the questions is picking an easy fight or has an agenda


There’s also a class of scum player that does this to divert attention from the asked player’s possible answer.

So not always ‘dumb but not scum’.

I thought “guapo” was a type of chip dip? :stew:

Guapo is all of the members of this forum

i.e. ‘Handsome’ in Spanish!

Double dipping in the guapo is right out. :nod:

I answer questions not intended for me all the time because I can’t just let them go unless they’re completely uninteresting :<