Grey Flag MAFIA

Welcome, you are mafia. Sample town PM will be included in OP before game start. You guys can chat here starting now.

Your flavors are:

Srceenplay: Queen Anne’s Revenge
Erika: The Lusitania
Doggo: The Good Ship Lollipop


you know how hard it is for me to not get removed as town. now im scum in white flag. nanook still mad at me?

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Srceen’s ship:


And doggo’s:


Idk you always seem like you survive to me!

At least I have the coolest ship


we lose

I will probably randomly act angry at you guys in the thread if you say something the shows disagreement with something else I said in the thread

but I don’t think it will be anywhere close to being enough

also, I am legitimately annoyed that nanook changed the whole game away from what he advertised. I probably wouldn’t have signed up for white flag or grey flag or whatever this is :confused:

Closed grey flag doesn’t work :woman_shrugging:

are all the towns VTs or not?

they should be

It’s 6 VT vs 3 vengeful mafia

I think erika is prolly our mvp here and we should protect her. losing one of screen or me shouldn’t hurt mafia much, especially if one of us buses the other.

but of course elli is here so we still lose.

Elli is washed up lately, you might have a chance!

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elli is not going to try

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do we get a discussion about our shot before

You can discuss it whenever you want but

I’d like it to be pretty quick when it’s time to make it, keep the game flowing as much as possible

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oof, rip Erika