You are mafia. A sample of the VT role PM will be included in the OP before start of D1.

Aivion is a rolecop, you get to check a player and be told their role every night, including N0

You win at parity. Glgl

Aivion is Mint Green, Jake is Pea Soup Green

Confirmed check banana

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Banana is a parity cop.

Good check

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Wait is my partner able to see this?

And do we get a factional kill

@Nanook Normal pea, or split pea?

Well that answers my question on if my partner can see this lol

Wait is this a chat we can utilize whenever?

I actually thought this was my role card haha xD

Sorry for newb questions first game on this site :3

No worries!

This is both your chat and your role card, mafia usually just get both in one here. You can chat 24/7.

Oh cool beans.

Well hi @JakeTheWolfie my name is AIVION And I’ll be memeing up a storm this game.

Banana brought me in to sorta just meme so that is what I’ll do.

Feel free to vote me out if you want free town credit xD

This sites nifty.


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If you need an explainer for how anything works give me a shout!


I’ve been learning from the Banana Man as I play with him xD

Please don’t call this a meme site and then dick around. I actually want to lose this game.

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that broke holy crap.

dont like how i play vote me then.

I dont have to play on this site I didnt want to at first anyway…

Okay so this came off bad im sorry…

Look um… Idk I guess I sort of wanted to get to know you but…

If you don’t want to its ok Im sorry :frowning:

I understand im just a stranger my mafia skills are shit and tbh I wasnt very happy to rand Mafia on my first go on this site.

This is my second FM game in years… so…

… Kay I’m out.

Probably won’t be able to enjoy this game anymore and if I don’t enjoy it I’ll be easy to find out.

Meh whatever last time I let BC convince me to go to another offsite again…