Generic Superhero Mafia (TOWN win)

Welcome to Generic Superhero Mafia. You can find all of the information the generically skeevy/shady producers want you to have at this point in time in this post.

Game map:
Under Construction

Metal Sonic–He dead! And scum to boot.

Roles in play:
Fly Guy

Super strength—cannot be vigged normally.

X-ray vision—can see through walls. (equal to a watcher)

Grim and Mysterious Figure

Sneaky AF—cannot be tracked at night.

Detective AF—can discern one of their targets abilities through use of incredible sleuthing abilities. (equal to a rolecop)

Warrior Woman

Deflection reflection—can deflect any powers used on her back towards the player targeting her (50% chance they deflect and nothing happens, 50% chance they reflect and affect the player targeting WW) (example: rolecop that targets WW and is reflected, would receive knowledge of their own abilities back as a result). Does not apply to NKs, but DOES apply to vig shots.

Indomitable sense of right and wrong—cannot be scum at start of game (does not apply to time travel shenanigans).

Speedy Comic Relief

Quick reflexes—you can use your super speed to save somebody from being shot at night, but you get so tired doing it that you know it’ll only work once—you have to get your beauty sleep sometime, after all! (equal to a one-shot doc)

Ill-advised time traveling—you’re so fast, you can turn back time and bring players back to life! But be warned, time traveling can have unintended consequences, like making former friends turn evil, or someone that was otherwise in perfect health having a sudden heart attack! (Example: on N2, turn time back to D1, reversing the D2 lynch, any N1 kills, and D1 lynch, bringing those players back to life).

Trusty Sidekick

Morale support—you’re so supportive of your mentor, that you’ll trust them with your vote! On even numbered days, no matter who you cast your vote for, it will be counted as being cast for the same player your mentor voted for. If your mentor is dead, your vote will not count.

Pluck and determination—you’re just so goshdarn plucky and determined, the first time you’re lynched you won’t let it get you down, and you’ll survive to fight another day instead!

Alien With Convenient Powers

Can’t touch this—you can “phase” yourself, making you impervious to a vig shot. Note that you can only use one of your abilities per night.

Shape shifting—you can shape shift to appear as one of the other heroes to anyone that may be peeking. You cannot shape shift and phase in the same night.

Gritty TV Adaptation

Willing to kill—being on TV instead of in a movie means that you don’t share your big screens compunctions about taking life, and will stop at nothing to take down the bad guys, including very clearly shooting them in the heart after vowing not to kill anymore, but that’s OK because you only kill henchmen, never the named antagonists (I’m looking at you, Ollie). You can only do this once, then your deeply manipulative significant other will reprimand you and you’ll remember that you’re supposed to be setting an example for your son. (This role is equal to a one-shot vig)

Gradually increasing stakes—due to your being on TV, the stakes are constantly rising, and characters are constantly saying things like “this changes everything!” to really drive the point home. This has led you to be comfortable in do or die conditions, meaning that you count for two towards town VC and one and a half towards scum VC (example: two scum and two town alive, with GTVA as one of the town, means that the game continues rather than ending in a scum victory).

The totally saw it coming plot twist:

The Magic McGuffin has turned two Generic Superheroes into Even More Generic Villains through vaguely handwaved away sorcery that will not be explained at a later date! These dastardly villains, in addition to knowing every players weakness, may (attempt to) kill one player per night. Scum will possess the powers of whatever hero they inhabit the form of. In addition, the scum may attempt to use the weakness of two players against them each night (but may only use a weakness twice).

Important information:
Lynches will be determined via plurality, meaning that whomever has the most votes at the end of the day is lynched (although note that there are abilities that modify voting, so the public facing vote tally may not accurately reflect who is lynched). If there is a tie, lynch will be determined by a hidden, randomized mechanism. Days will last approximately 72 hours, nights approximately 24, adjusted to my schedule. Prods will be sent out after around 36ish hours without posting. There will be no win conditions not contained in the rules. Questions or sub requests made in thread during the game will be ignored (ones asked privately will be answered), but feel free to ask them via PM!

A clarification: the GTVA’s vig shot works against town and scum the same (obviously still modified by the targets role as applicable).

An addition: if everyone puts End Day in ALL CAPS and vote tags, as such: VOTE: END DAY, the day will end early. You may rescind an end day vote by putting “continue day” in the same format. End day vote must be unanimous to be accepted.

The sun sets over the desert mountains. A coyote howls in the distance. Tumbleweed blows drearily across the foreground. The mountain stirs ominously, portending greater, more terrible things to come.

N0 has begun. D1 will begin by September 19, 2018 8:00 PM (Europe: Paris), September 19, 2018 11:00 AM (America: Los Angeles)

The sun rises over the desert mountains (YES IT’S A RECURRING THEME, GET OVER IT). In their specially designed pods, the 7 sorta-kinda-almost-legendary-but-definitely-vaguely-recognizable heroes stir, cracking through the luminescent skin of their containers. Gasping in the fresh, cold air, the group attempts to get their bearings. A loud klaxon sounds, and startles them out of their daze. Looking around bewildered, most of them jump when a computerized voice blares out loudly, “WARNING, WARNING, WARNING, unidentified alien life detected, most likely hostile.” The heroes look at each other with smirks on their faces, ready to face the unwelcome intruder. As they ready themselves for glorious battle, an apparition appears. In a haunting voice, it moans out in an extended and probably unnecessary info-dump, “Beeeewaaaaaaaare, some of you are not as they seem. On my home planet, we had heroes such as you, great, powerful, vaguely recognizable but not recognizable enough to run into lawsuits. They all fell to The Infection. I sense it now amongst two of you…you must root it out, and kill it. Fear not for killing your friends, as they are already dead–The Infection leaves no remnant of its hosts consciousness, it simply controls their body and powers (giving you a conveniently moralish way to kill your friends guilt free!). You must hurry, or it will consume your planet as it did mine!” Upon finishing his dire and altogether much too long without being interrupted spiel, the apparition fades away in the cold morning sun. The heroes look around at each other, uneasy, but knowing that they must face this challenge the same way they face every challenge in their life: with their fists and/or feet, and a healthy dose of a toxic sense of invincibility that will surely never come back to bite them in the ass.

D1 has begun! It will end September 22, 2018 1:00 PM (Europe: Paris), September 22, 2018 4:00 AM (America: Los Angeles).


So this is 7 players, 5v2? Kinda tough, but I think we can do it!

I signed up for the ultra cool and fun playerlist. Though, I noticed that there were bastard elements in this game. Such as the use of random elements and also alignment changes. I hope you guys won’t be surprised. At least we were warned this time. And I hope it won’t end tragically like the previous Nanook game!

What is the optimal way to play this original open setup? I think that Wonder Woman should claim and lead us because they are an IC. Thoughts on this plan?

Scum won’t counter claim because it’s an open setup and all roles are accounted for. I think with a clear leader it’ll build town cohesion and help us unite easier. I’m open to suggestions and analyses on how to proceed!

I was going to ask if there should be a way to coordinate/ play these roles. I’ll be back in a bit.

Seems neat though… just read through all the roles.

Hi guys!

This looks interesting!

You’re kidding right?? Why would you want ww to claim? This is exactly the same shit that scumnanook tried to pull in ds9 with his talk of massclaim on d1. He should have been lynched for it back then, and we should probably lynch you for this now. Ww being revealed d1 would be great, sure, I’ll give you that. Having a strong leader is important. But it’s more important for a confirmed townie to be alive at endgame, and what you want to do is paint a target for scum to kill n1, since my ability only reflects 50% of NON-SCUMKILL abilities.
The worst part about this is that I know you don’t really read the rules carefully as town, since you got fooled into thinking I was confirmed town in nook’s last game. So I don’t even know whether you’re trying to pull a fast one as scum and trying to get ww to unwisely claim.

This started?
Urist already scum claimed?
VOTE: urist

Maybe @ everyone

I really hope that the first game we play together where I’m scum is the first game you townread me.

I’ve town read you before a gave you a win. Iirc

So… are you claiming to be Wonder Woman?

Sure, after calling me scum for the entire game beforehand.

I’m not WW.

Why did you claim that, Urist?

You’re supposed to suggest a better idea if you didn’t like mine! Instead, you’re just shading me! That doesn’t look like a good start for you!

Incidentally, I can’t tell if you’re joking or serious, because of that obvious joke in your post.

For now, VOTE: Urist because shame on you!