[FULL] MHA Mafia SignUps

My Hero Acadamia Mafia

Hosted by Bepwei, REM, and Osieorb18

This is a 17 player closed, rolemadness setup based off the the anime series My Hero Academia. It is a very new and popular show with new episodes coming out every Saturday. It is based off of the manga series Boku no Hero Academia. It is in its fourth season totaling roughly 85 episodes. It is a lot, but in all your free time with this quarantine, why not start?

Our story takes place in modern day Japan. A few decades ago, there was a baby born that glowed. This was the start of something called a Quirk. It is like a super power that manifests when your around 4 years old. With these new super powers, people were able to do worse and worse crimes. To stop them, heroes emerged. Now roughly 80% of the population has one of these quirks. To ensure Pro Heroes keep coming back, they made an agreement with the government, and Pro Heroes get paid based on the amount of villains they take down. Because of this, schools popped up to train people to become heroes. You currently attend the most prestigious one: U.A. High School. One of the teachers here is All Might, the number one hero, our symbol of peace. A vicious villain group sprung up to kill the best hero, and all who stand in the way. Will the League of Villains have their way? Or will the young heroes of U.A. High School stay strong?


  • This will be on a 48/24 Day/Night cycle. We will aim for SoD/EoD to be around 2pm Central Time (3pm EST).
  • All night actions must be submitted by 1pm Central Time (2pm EST) to allow us time to react.
  • The lynch is set at Majority until end of day when it becomes Plurality.
  • In the case of a tie, the mafia team chooses who dies.
  • Vote using the automatic vote counter built into M451. It should look like: VOTE: Bepwei If your vote is not in that format, or isn’t picked up by the VC counter, it will not be valid.


  • There is an uninformed majority
  • There is an informed minority
  • There are no vanilla roles
  • This is not a bastard game and we will not purposely lie to you.
  • Roles may exist which may present false information to other roles. These will never affect rolecard flips or the original role PM. Acceptable roles include but are not limited to variations on Millers, Godfathers, Framers, Tailors, Lawyers, Ninjas, and Strongmen.
  • Roles may exist which change a player’s target. A player will always learn if their target has been changed, but will not learn of their new target’s identity unless they learn information about that target.
  • There may or may not be third party roles
  • There may may or may not be lost wolf/traitor roles
  • You may only use one night action per night unless otherwise specified in your rolecard
  • Roles may or may not exist that provide differing levels of attack and defense. This is the guide for these interactions should they exist:

Strong Attacks are defended by Strong Defense.
Strong Attacks ignore Basic Defense. Strong Attacks can still be roleblocked and redirected.
Basic Attacks are defended by Basic Defense.

Order of Operations

This game will use Natural Action Resolution. Actions that affect other actions will resolve first. In the case of a tie we have a priority list.


  1. Follow Mafia451 Rules
  2. Do not angleshoot.
  3. Do not post or like posts when you are not supposed to. (dead, night)
  4. Do not gamethrow.
  5. Do not communicate with others about the game until it is over.
  6. Do not quote your classcard or any PMs with the host.
  7. Be respectful to other players.
  8. Do not edit the OP unless you have gotten permission from a mod, unless its grammer.
  9. Do not edit posts already made. Small edits for grammer or spelling are allowed.
  10. Please leave large text for hosts only.
  11. No cryptography. Breadcrumbing is allowed.
  12. Hosts may change these at any time with no prior indication *within reason


This setup was made to only reveal light spoilers. No prior knowledge is required to play this game. Please do not spoil any of the story during the game. If you have any questions, contact sulit or me through role PM are to determine if something is a spoiler or not.
Many parts of role cards including flavor and photos are taken from the MHA Wiki. They are by no means ours. Browse the wiki at your own risk. There are spoilers from the anime and manga.

Player List

  1. Srceenplay
  2. Andresvmb
  3. Gtacc
  4. orangeandblack5
  5. seththeking
  6. Arete
  7. marshal
  8. Clonedcheese
  9. EricKline
  10. snowmaninblack
  11. Darth_Tabor
  12. JakeTheWolfie
  13. DoggoPlays
  14. DeadBananas
  15. FireKitten
  16. GKB
  17. ErikaFarudo


This is the kinda thing I could join

But also

We all know weeb content is gross and not allowed on CD

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sup lymph

Remember PMFM?

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/in I guess

But only because the hosts are cool, flavor would normally make me avoid it lol

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You still exist?

Wait that’s Marshal not Maxi

I literally just played myself

yes lmfao

sorry to get your hopes up :frowning:

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I’m coming down there this summer

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I guess

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ur coming to dallas lmao

“in texas” is a pretty wide range cuz texas is a pretty wide state

still like 3 hours away

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Hopefully that’s going… not awfully?

Anyways remember to hit the big blue “in” button up top

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I have never driven that far to beat someone up but I don’t see why I can’t start now :kissing_heart:

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Has covid taken down the great Michigan?

u and italy can join together to driving down to my house and beating me up

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After all I just took a nice four-hour drive a ways west on Sunday

Was worth

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I had three classes today

One of them even didn’t completely fail to provide literally any content

pretty sure that was to go hiking.

a slightly better reason then driving 4 hours to beat up a 15-year-old you know from the internet

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