Friendly Game, 1 Week Game Days, Variable Setup

This will be a Friendly game.

We’ll figure out which (open) setup to run based on how many players sign up. :slight_smile:

Based on the convo in the discussion topic this run will tend towards a simpler setup (mostly vanillas).

im overgamed otherwise i’d play :pensive:

Not gonna start for at least another week.

will still prob be at that time since im in multiple ms games :pensive:

Some would say that’s multiple ms games too many.

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they would be correct but PEOPLE keep INVITING me into mafia games so i feel SOCIALLY OBLIGATED to play despite the fact i vehemently dislike playing, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Hey @KatyushaGB you should join your friends in playing this game


I thought this was a friendly game!

im not playing :cat2:

I’m also kinda overgamed but I’d feel terrible not playing after I spammed the other thread telling people to play vanilla games.

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We can wait 2 weeks or more too. :slight_smile:

you’re not so overgamed that you won’t enter mine, amirite?

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peer pressure is a horrible thing

It’s only horrible if you can’t comfortably ignore it. Which I suppose is true for many people.

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Ignore what?

I’ll join once I’m sure I can commit the time

Fuck u elli do it

This thread super friendly