Forging of the Rings - Halls of Mandos

Enjoy death

Elli and who?


Elli and Srceenplay

Srceen has 9 rings so he’ll be able to take 5 actions tonight lol

Lol JFC yeah Key and I shoulda dumped rings

It’s looking like it won’t make much of a difference anyway, maybe i should have had 4 or 5 scum

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I remember thinking to myself “gee I wonder if elli is scum and gonna go for key here or star” when he said “I’ll decide who we are lynching tomorrow” lollll

Best possible scenario

Because I woulda claimed masons with either tbh.

I would have been so dead without the mason claim so thanks chess

Yeah we should have dumped rings, was hoping for a protective

Damn 2nd passive baiting us

Urist you might want to fix Star’s unvote:

I love the flavour of this game so much though I understand none of the names or places

I only know chesskid because nimrod

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have you read lotr?

key’s a nimrod


Nimrod MIGHTY HUNTER of scum ellibereth?

I started it but all the characters talk the same so I stopped

Also I have a weak stomach for a bazillion made up words though have to respect the dude who wrote a series to support his conlangs

fun fact, urist made up all the rings


well, almost all


Wait really I would never have guessed

good job