First Settlements Mafia DEAD


As one would expect, new settlement comes with new opportunity to develop new tools and inventions! Each day, players get an invention that was selected to be developed in the pre-game.

Here are the inventions that no one chose to develop:


The politics begin with the rising sun. It is, unavoidable. The hunters are brutes from the old age of society, still clinging onto their place in the world, while the masons are attempting to build a new world that doesn’t have much need for hunters. The Chief of the settlement has called everyone in to settle this… Development and evolution are the key causes for concern and the uprising must now fall.

Day 1 Begins.

I am miller

Oh, there will be no flips. Fucking robbed of 1st :frowning:


I’m Vt. Cya all next game.

VOTE: Tier

VOTE: Chesskid3

Why would you pick miller?

I chose quicklyncher

Same reason why I named my account this way

what does that even mean

are we really just massclaiming? I am bodyguard

Chesskid3 has been shot

4 alive, takes 3 to lynch.

What the fuck



Me and CK

DS was shot


3 Alive, takes 2 to lynch.