Farmer Says Sign Ups 4/13

Player Amount: 14
Day Length: 3 Days Period - 5:00 PM EoD
Night Length: N/A (Whenever Farmer Chooses)
Lynch Type: Plurality (No Lynch if Tie)

There is no Night Phases.
The Mafia have no night killing.
After the Day Phase the Farmer chooses a player to get rid of and they will die.

Farmer is Aligned with Town
If the Farmer gets lynched, Town auto loses.
At any point if Mafia gets majority they win. (This includes 1v1 and 2v2)

The Shepard is a Villager that appears as a Mafia Goon if they die. The player will also believe to be Villager but appear as Goon upon death.

Farmer, Shepard, 7 Villagers, 4 Goons.

Seems like this is a very hard game for scum to win

Remove 1 Villagers?

I made it 14.

It’s more about scum not having any control over the NK

Town having control over all the kills is rough

That’s where Mafia must make the Farmer make bad plays or lynch the Farmer before they claim.

Farmer should never ever be killed lol

There’s no downside to immediately claiming farmer?

Honestly this is how the game is going to go:

There’s going to be two farmer claims.

Both will be backed up by a “Shepard”

Farmer: I’m farmer
Shepard: He’s farmer
Maf 1: I’m farmer
Maf 2: He’s farmer
Farmer: I’m killing Maf 1 tonight
Maf 1: fuck

Maf 1 dies

Farmer: ok lynch Maf 1

… now what? Farmer randomly kills people until maf dies?

I can see how this could be cool but this could also be boring

I guess all the people claiming Shepard would be a mess too

This does seem very difficult for scum.

There’s not really much threat to farmer since they can claim to avoid lynch. Counterclaiming by scum is death, you’d never lynch in that and you’d just let the farmer kill any ccs so there’s no benefit.

If you open the game with everyone providing who they think farmer is (with shepherd providing the right answer and farmer lying) before the farmer claims, at least one mafia has to hit a 1/10 to be able to fake claim shepherd if they even wanted to, so you might be able to clear the shepherd off that since vts wouldn’t cc even if they guessed right. Then you have two unkillable ICs.

If mafia do manage to cc shepherd by correctly guessing the farmer, I imagine you’d just kill all claims since VTs wouldn’t claim shepherd and you can’t get a useful flip. Then you’re at 9:3 with an unkillable IC with a shot, and the mafia has no nightkill. That sounds pretty hard on mafia.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding the setup?

Yeah I’m removing the Shepard part. But they still appear as Goon on death.

Wait, so EVERYONE appears as scum on death?

No. Just Shepard.

You cant CC farmer because u just ignore them and the real farmer shoots his CC lol

Agree w/ nanook scum need some semblance of control over kills

Hahaha I just read the setup and this is like impossible for Scum.

No it’s not.
The point of this setup is to mess with the Farmer.
Has soon as scum gains majority they win.

It’s no different then Popcorn Man.

8 Town, 1 Shepard and 1 Farmer.

Town is Lynched

Town is Killed by Farmer

Town is Lynched

Town is killed by Farmer

By Day 3 it’s 6V4.