Eyes Closed - Dead Thread

Welcome to the dead thread!

lol elli is amazng

ffery flip says im a rolecop

im a rber

oops, fixed thanks!

I think Ellie’s BoP is only going to get heavier over time.

i didnt spew nanook clear?

She has ability-based reasons to suspect him.

so power roles are shadow/nanook that was literally my top guess

im hoping watcher somehow didnt watch elli?

Unfortunately, the watcher did watch elli.

There will be some hilarity before they get there, but I think the game is over.

i mean im guessing shadow somehow thought nanook could be scum and tracked them to elli

which would make nanook watcher who watched elli and gg

I thought the California game looked more balanced than this one, though still a little scumsided.

Giving a choice of a townsided game vs a scumsided one, I guess it makes sense that the majority would pick the townsided game. Odds of drawing town make it the logical choice.

I don’t think I’ll give setup choices again soon!


from mafia chat

also from mafia chat rip

Josh thought that Elli would nail him today, I think, so he went with a high risk kill.

yeah that makes sense