This is a hot take because one of you is scum.

Anyway ok


@Josh I didn’t get a role PM

Give me your hammer Thor, please I need it.

I think that there’s at least 2 scum in Andres, Hannah, Key & StarV. One of them is most likely the godfather. If I’m lynched today I’ll be shooting in that bracket. I think that the captains did not ban any of the players in this game, and instead used them as a pool from which to draft. I think that if the scum captain were to ban anyone, it’d be one or two of chesskid, Nuxl, Clem, GTacc, and the other guy. If anything, I’d be surprised if the town captain did not ban two of these players as well. I’m also almost certain that one of those five were neither picked nor banned. If I were to hazard a guess, I’d suppose that we could win without lynching any of those five, and that for d1 we should limit our scope to the players who were chosen to be in this game. That said, I almost think that if I were a captain, I might make the same choices, although at the same time, I very well might not have, so it may be advisable to take that into consideration.

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Get yourself to l-1 and ask me again

Votecount as of post #18

StarV (2): Andresvmb, StarV

Not Voting (2): Key, Urist


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Ah sweet

StarV flips Vengeful Townie

Shoot Urist

Urist flips goon, continue play



3 Alive, takes 2 to lynch

Unvoted to avoid that happening but I guess it worked out ok with the vengekill. I’m thinking of two possibilities after that but I don’t know which way is more likely right now.

on the one hand, Andres putting first vote on Star and having Urist hammer it seems like it could have been set up

on the other, the quickhammer happened before Hannahh posted so could have been an attempt to get her to lylo completely clean, since I doubt Urist thinks he doesn’t get shot there

More on this tomorrow, it’s getting pretty late. I think the second one makes more sense to me atm.


Key, I gotta be honest - you’re far more likely than Hannah to have been picked for Scum. So I don’t know whether this deliberating that you seem to be doing is genuine, but I’m seriously questioning it.

Also, Urist hammering was all around horrible, so of course he got shot. However, I voted StarV for a few reasons, the main one being that if he’s Scum, he’s good at hiding, and as Town he would probably shoot the right person. I thought he would have more time to figure it out if Town but at least he did.

@Hannahh if I get drafted for Town (which I did) I suspect that Scum never drafts you because they probably think we can’t work together, or that you would be biased against me. I think that’s our main issue here.

You also said this, and are now changing your mind, keeping your options open?

I would also point to the fact that I’m continuously drafted as Town in this setup. I still haven’t figured out why, but I think people think my Scum game is worse than even what I thought it was.