Donut vs Cookie Mafia - End


  1. Follow site rules and stuff, if you have any questions about game please ask me privately.
  2. Do not quote your role pm or any part of it. Do not quote any private talk. Do not post screenshot of your role PM anywhere. If you are unsure about this rule, please ask me before acting.
  3. No personal communications about game unless your role pm specifically allows it.
  4. If I forgot any rules please let me know privately and don’t try to find loopholes.

1 mafia 4 town
Before each day, I will give mafia a form and they have to fill it themselves, and I will reveal form with answers at the beginning of each day, however I have right to send the form back if they do something stupid like fill and spam every question with “BIG DICK”, form should make sense even if they lie or meme.

otherwise vanilla, 48/24
Person who has the majority of the votes get DKDK’ed, if no one gets the majority until EoD, the person with most votes gets DKDK’ed, if there is a tie, mafia picks who gets DKDK’ed. To prevent angleshoot on tiebreak, I will wait at least ~12 hours before starting the night. At tiebreak I will maybe only start the night before 12 hours if I see every alive player posting in forum or discord. To be honest I don’t see a lot of moderators talk about this rule but I think it is a very important aspect of the game since it can easily clear someone and be injustice for mafia.

If you use any other word for execution than DKDK, you are modkilled and the day ends. This rule is not open to discussion.


I am sending role pm’s now. Town role pm is this:


Please confirm in your role PM, I will start once everyone confirms


I didn’t ping you guys while telling the confirmation rule so I’m doing it now.

You were watching a voice-only VLIVE (basically podcast) and you realized there were secret codes for a nuke in the VLIVE. Questions were asked by the fans and bolded parts are what mafia answered to them. You have to find mafia and DKDK them soon or the world will explode.
  1. Donut vs Cookie?

  2. Favourite cold drink?

  3. Favourite Turkish food?

  4. How was your weekend?
    Busy but fine

  5. How do you like your coffee?

  6. Your favourite thing about me?
    Profile pictures :wink:

  7. Favourite milk flavor?

  8. Country you want to visit the most?

  9. Your opinion on MBTI?
    Manhattan Beach Trading Inc. Since they’ve been around for 23 years, they must be doing something good.

The day will end when a majority of 3 people happens or after 48 hours!


feel like everyone but pide puts kebab for the turkish food question every time which is a good look for him

Not Voting: Andresvmb, Duskfall98, Ellibereth, Kiymali_Pide, naz

Fun Fact: DKDK is an initialism for “the Daykill Daykill” and it is pronounciated like dugeun-dugeun! It is also the sound of the heart beat when you hold hands!

my biggest regret is never reading setups before i /in LMAO i didn’t realize how meta this game is

but good thing i’m drinking my cold brew

VOTE: ellibereth

must b u tbh

turkish pizza tho uwu

is that different from normal pizza?

Lahmacun is not Turkish pizza. Pizza is italian lahmacun


I would never write these.

Don’t think this is Andres.

Unfortunately everyone here has used the winky face emoji.
I’ve used it by far the most though lul.

You’re right I would never write a lot of these answers. I mean profile pictures? C’mon.

How is that the answer to what you like about GTacc the most?

Process of elimination leads me to naz, but I can’t be sure.

Also, favorite cold drink water? I hate just plain water. Vitamin Water on the other hand, now that’s something.