Donut vs Cookie Mafia - End

Those are the exact two answers that I thought made it you lmao

nah i think the only answer i would’ve written out of all those would be cookie


how did manhattan beach whatever even show up on someone’s search

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I guess?

Who here doesn’t just give some standard myers briggs answer :thinking:

Me tbh

idk elli obviously i don’t know u too well loool😔

wait is our onebox image stuff borked oh dear

I used my phone’s emotes sry if I bork something

no its not you its me

also persian kabob > turkish/ANY other fake wannabe kabob so its 500000000% Not Me

totally unrelated to the smiley

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@naz is modkilled and day ends
(just kidding)




Votecount as of post #34

Ellibereth (1): naz

Not Voting (4): Andresvmb, Duskfall98, Ellibereth, Kiymali_Pide

Fun Fact: Kebab is Turkish and it is the best Kebab.

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also elli site suggestion: can u put a shortcut to the emotes without having to push that 3 line button, maybe next to the image button on bottom right. Pls nothing next to trashcan button i can only imagine how upsetting it would be to fat thumb that on accident.

Also I’m gonna revive the emotes thread lol there are too many dancing parrots and not enough rage

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fake news!!! propaganda!!! i will fight u!!!

Now I’m offended

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VOTE: Duskfall98

I’ll sit here for now.

I’m not very comfy