Divinity Plus One

Due to M2H’s role, they are allowed to communicate with you directly and without restriction for tonight only. Share as much or as little with each other as you like. This chat will be closed at the end of the night and any attempts to continue it past that point will result in a modkill or forced replacement.



Hello :smiley:

So m2h did u attempt any riddles

Is this the Scum chat? Where can I find it?

All kidding aside, I need to read the game a bit closer still. Give me a few and I’ll get back to this.

uh no I really didn’t mostly just been defending myself.

Do y’all have any special roles or actions outside of being here? I mean Elwood claimed a guilty on me that came from here do I was confused by that.

That’s all crap and I have a strong feeling that you’re Town and Elwood is Scum. I never communicated with Elwood in any shape or form. That’s all nonsense.

Do not communicate here any more. Further posts will result in a warning and/or modkill.

This is the last one promise