Special private chat.
Members: Urist, Srceenplay

Jesus christ ms, did you literally just copy-paste the tsukoyukohime role pm from miscpick into this game? :stuck_out_tongue:

Sup srcee

I had a dream last night that you got nk’d and flipped scum. How weird is that


I honestly didn’t know who to pick because I don’t have any lock towns.

You don’t have me as lock town? I’m insulted!

Btw if you want to fake a guilty on Andres now that would be great.

:joy::joy::joy:. Imagine that.

You can on fake d1. Any other time it Las just game throwing

I’m trying to catchup before work

It’s only gamethrowing if he’s town! :wink:

There is nothing worth reading tbh. More posturing from skitter & nanook

I just had a thought.
I wonder if Action Dan was asking to be hooded?

nah, he nameclaimed, he probably needs to find a specific person.

can you explain to me why the fucking hell people keep insisting skitter is town for totally bullshit reasons?
like for fucks sake her response to my accusations is literally “that’s my playstyle”.
meanwhile everyone else is pointing at THOSE EXACT SAME THINGS that i am pointing at and calling them town.
you can’t call my scumread invalid due to playstyle while still accepting all the people calling you town for those same things that are supposedly entirely playstyle-dependent.
god damn

I can see a possibility of DD and skitter scum together.

I do think nanook is probably town for role.

Yeah thats whats so frustrating. I think hes town but hes giving skitter a pass for bad reasons

I should note that the role is totally null, but his play looks town. Mantis is right, nanook acts like a rabid dog as scum and im not seeing that this time.

do you think ds is scum or are you shooting the shit?