DBZ Mafia Game Thread (Town Win)

Tbf i think town was just very good here so I’m happy with how it played out as a whole, despite complaints. Scum had a reasonible chance but town played a lot better so won in a convincing manner.

Thanks for actually hosting tommy!

Top tier community contributor, only rivalled by my scumplay

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Might be a bit late, but please keep in mind our postgame policy. Thanks for hosting Dusk!

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Thanks for the game Dusk
GG town

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Can you please @ the people who this criticism is directed at?

Postgame policy applies to everyone. I’m not interested in publicly calling people out, all of you are able to read it and decide if you’re acting in line with it.

Ok, that’s good. I was worried you were talking to me, but now I know that you aren’t.

I’ll have you know, I don’t take in thread criticism.

Great, now I can only praise you for being an awesome person.

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I’m talking to all of you, that’s what “everyone” means :slight_smile:

Yeah, but then you said “You decide” and I’ve decided that I’m an angel and I judged that I could not have possibly caused any trouble. :innocent:

I need to send sandfox (I think this was her username?) a scrapbook of all your ridiculous posts.

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I don’t think this makes it on there.

I slept through last 2 days :frowning:

It’s ok so did I mostly

GG, thanks Dusk for hosting

I didn’t realize this game ended by the way because of title

@Duskfall98 so did my role only work if its f3 and andres, me and 1 scum were alive?

I think I said previously in signups but game was originally designed as open set up, I redesigned a bit when I made it closed but your role was kind of residue from that

What was scum’s wincon?