DAN summoning thread

“If you could be CHESSKID for one day, what is the first thing you’d do?”

M2h: "

Erika: “… give actiondan a smooch”

Please discuss! This is otherwise a neighborhood, and if you can get @ActionDan to make an appearance, you can also discuss the game with him.

@ActionDan will you be my action man

with our powers combined we could form one cohesive mafia player

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ok @chesskid3 can we post our role pms in here?



im broke af :frowning:

you gotta get your grind on.

@ErikaFurudo do you want advice for the chess lesson thing?

im not very good at chess but :woman_shrugging:

man idk wtf the optimal play would be. I’d match the other bishop at f4. ButI know the best playwould set something up over the next couple of turns.@ActionDan what’s the correct answer to this question?

lol i already see issues withthatplay cause blackcould just move apawn forward to block mine from movingup to pressure hisknight

whites vest move here is the riddle @ActionDan

It xould ve bishop to d3 to pressure his bishop

that’s what i would say rn.

i actually dont know anything about chess im sorry

which is why i would body dan at chess if i was chesskid

its about the only thing i could do as chesskid that I can’t do as m2h, in fact being chesskid would probably involve losing a lot of function relative to being m2h

dan has to know the answer this should be free. but yeah so the bishop move would not only free your bishop, but it forcez either his bishop toretreat or move a pawn. i doubt it’s optimal tho

@chesskid3 is there a rime limit on this first question?