Compromise R2


Game can be done with a lot of roles but we’ll use the following set for now:

Town Cop
Vanilla Townie
Vanilla Townie
Mafia Godfather (appears innocent to cop)
Mafia Goon
Mafia Goon

• These rules are assuming there are 3 players in this game.
• In this variation, there are a possible 6 roles. Only 3 will be in this game. You will not know which 3 roles, and you will not know who is on your team.
• During Night 0, the cop, if it exists, will make their investigative result.
• The game will then begin. You may basically do anything you want to try and figure out what the other players are.
• There is a chance that all 3 players are the same alignment. If you think this is the case, all 3 players must VOTE: Compromise. If all 3 players are the same alignment, then it was a successful Compromise. Everybody wins!!
• However, if a Compromise goes through, and both alignments exist in the game, then whichever alignment only has a single player on it’s team will be announced the winner.
• You may also vote an individual player to a majority to lynch them. Whichever alignment the lynched player is on will be declared the losing team.
• If you are all the same alignment, and you end up lynching someone, you all lose.

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VOTE: compromise

Where you guys at

I am waiting on Elwood to make a contribution. Right now, it’s too early for me to want to compromise.

hey guys

what’s your guy’s favourite movies?

Matrix I. Gladiator. Finding Nemo. The Dark Knight.

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I don’t usually share much about myself, though you can find stuff online if you look I suppose. But yeah, those are up there.

i only watch anime

i’m not much a movie person but lion king ranks high for me!

i don’t think i’ll be seeing the new one in theaters. anyone looking forward to it? i’m not sure if i can cheer for scar again considering that they changed his voice actor.

oh, yeah, reservoir dogs is pretty cool

VOTE: Elwood

aintchu chatty

Never talk to me about Western garbage, you’ll just get ignored.

You do know that it’s possible for us to all lose right?

And that the only way not to lose is to talk?

And that we can’t have any meaningful discussion without building a rapport?

If you’re going to get hostile, have a game readable reason to be hostile. If you’re personally hostile to someone else, right off the bat, it’s about the same as saying “I want to lose the game”.

We can talk about anime for sure.

I don’t know how to sort this game. Elwood can you give me something game related? Is anything pinging you about Tommy?