Colors Mafia OVER

Day 1 Begins…

Hello all I’m sabie or sabbz for those who haven’t met me. I’ve played elsewhere, but not on here so I may be a little confused as to how things work here at first. I look forward to playing!


Come on in guys

Primary Colors: Magenta, Yellow, Cyan

What is this game?

How are these colors primary???

I think there are light colors and paint colors in play

I don’t know maybe it’s like printer toner colors or something? Haha
I don’t completely understand this set up with the colors, but I like unique games so I was like yeah sure I’ll give it a shot.


no, what I remember is the 3 colors I posted are major light colors, rgb is major paint colors

there is also indicator its one of them in role pm

or it is other way around

CMYK works by “removing” color, rgb works by “adding” it. CMYK gives you a broader range of hues IIRC, don’t quote me on that

what is k?

Ketamine Green.


I like how this is tagged as both video mafia and 11 player, despite neither being true.


Ok guys, we have 5-6 weeks to execute a member of the prism, before they… idk, split us into our composite colors.

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Then I have exam next month guys I am afk until that

Maybe there is a role that allows you to speak to other people not in game

Ok, see you in exactly 5 weeks, 5 days, 6 hours, 40 minutes.

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Usually black

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That must be why I’m so confused haha