Cocktail Mafia neighborhood

I made this off a drink

Ok cool

Yeah so I think im permanently scum targeted

Screen or squirrel needs to die today

I was the bouncer

Can deny a drink every night and one time can throw a player out of the bar in a fight
Threw gellncuk out night 1 after denying dwai a drink

But dwai choose to fight gellncik which is super town

I failed to fight n1 I targeted Nanook but he was already fighting someone else

Happy to let dwai sit as town already had him as towny

Leaning towards squirrel today because I don’t think town would heal him

Like I’m relatively convinced it’s a 3 man scumteam with a lone wolf

Nanook makes the most sense as the traitor but like

Have to purge screen and squirrel first and then worry about that

Urist kill suggests either Nanook or screenplay inputted to me

If today is TK screen that’s a fine day.

If a townie healed squirrel that claim needs to be forced today

I kinda want to just pick squirrel and go for it because half of me thinks that if we call our two mafia they will be able to buddy and power wolf with ssome lhf they ate

Screenplay is likely to just bus squirrel though if he thinks he can get away with it?

There wasn’t bussing d1 if that’s the team so doubt it

Leading important



you think screen first right?


does this mean i have to make a case

Up to the feeders who are alive

I would never make you

Wahoo I’m free

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Well that answers that lol