Cocktail Mafia neighborhood

Am probably dead tonight

Ngl there was a point after the flip where he was ateing and I tinfoiled

I always fall for post hammer tinfoil

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Stopped nanook from getting a drink

Still think squirrel is the right kill tmrw

Aren’t you guarenteed safe tonight?

Iwe are still able to order menus and drinks btw because starv let me input cocktail menu and order drink, I’m attempting to get something j think id a redirector potentially

No I re enter each night

I cant order drinks lol

Oh that’s your fault for being dry then

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What’s your thoughts on jkbear?

Bad but above rand town

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Flavor Cop

Drink info told me every other night action is contained in this list

I have sent everyone suggestions based on role but don’t know who has what

Neighbourhood: duskfall98
Cop: nanook
Flavour cop: jkbear
KP: squirrel

Obviously KP is mafia I guess flavour cop is likely also

Those are targets? Or who you think has each ability

These roles exist, I sent people these suggestions so they will receive a message saying “you should target this person”

Example I assume mafia has KP, they will receive a message saying “you should shoot squirrel”

The cop will receive a message saying “you should check Nanook”

O okay sure yea they look fine as targets

The main thing is those are all the night actions being processed tonight if you live, it’s good knowledge I think

Ya it is

I guess KP was separate to factional kill since two are dead

Nvm just read role