Chosen Dead PT

Dead PT

I killed ffery because I hate her

I’m devastated. :cry:

Were her eyes worth it?

Glad I chose death D1, the result from D2 speaks for itself.

I don’t really think Eddie makes sense as scum with metal or alisae.

we had shit chosen rands so I was trying to determine certain people / person up as my partner, though due to my busyness irl it was kinda half assed. I told my partner to hard bus me fwiw, no comment on if they complied or disagreed.

yknow muffin, I’m kinda disappointed in you. I was actively taunting you to vote me and you wouldn’t lmao


my thinking for today:

lynch alisae
if alisae is scum, yay
if alisae is VT, lynch key
if alisae is chosen, lynch MS

edited to make sense… alisae being VT is the only reason i can imagine scum-key busses there tbh, otherwise it was just a totally unnecessary move

that said, if i were alive today i’d probably be looking back over the game to see who made sense as your partner by play but eh i’m not so i don’t really care

oh, and, err… forcing NSG to post more is probably a good thing

sorry, i’ll keep my vote on you all game next time we play if it makes you feel better

actually, tbh, alisae->key probably wins in any scenario

does it?

without doing any reading, yeah. i’m not following this day phase so far

you’re not scum with MS

you’re not scum with andre

NSG is a question mark only because of a distinct lack of content but i think you’re not scum with her


alisae->key, lock it in eddie (tee hee)

i just realised that “lock it in, eddie” is a thing might not make sense if you’re not australian but point still stands

andre and NSG have to be the chosen ones, right?

See how much better things are when you’re not busy being distracted? Swear you can’t keep your eyes off cupcakes ever.

i ate a cupcake the other day

wasnt sure how to feel about it

are you joining fakegod’s game?

oh, and i decided it’s just key. key is the second scum

and NSG/andre are chosen

but town will prob lose

that said, i think key kills andre tonight which is actually bad for key because if one of the chucklefucks pulls out of their death-tunnel, key is going to look bad

i guess key just has to hope that doesn’t happen

what if I told you alisae and key were the chosen townies and my plan was to tunnel ali and then get bussed?