Chesskid IPick 2 - Chesskid Tries Version [N players]

That’s the worst freakin survey I’ve filled out


CHESSKID is turning out to be the most popular person on site!

On any mafia site tbh

especially MU and MS very popular in both places

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Anyone from those fine sites is welcome to have me pick a role for them as well of course

Who is 2nd? Please list every name that is 2nd.

There is no 2nd place. You’re either first or you’re last.

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Ok, who is last then?

CHESSKID is the alpha and the omega

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So people hate Chess?

have you not listened to a word he has said

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People hate chess, but they love CHESS

Who the hell are you? You ain’t @CHESSKID

still missing a bunch of responses

Member the longer you wait the higher the risk Srceenplay fills them in for you

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@urist open mine at your own risk.

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@starv @andresvmb stop being lazy and fill out the form

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Is this game first-time-player-friendly?

Of course