Brass & Shrapnel Role PM (Mafia PT)

Welcome, _fferyllt and brassherald!

You are Mafia Goons.


  • Factional communication: During pregame and during the night phases you may talk with your partner in this Private Topic. During the day phases this topic will be locked.

  • Factional kill: Each night phase, one of you may perform the factional kill.

  • Factional ability: Each night phase, one of you may also perform a Doctor save OR a Roleblock.

Win condition:

You win when you control the majority of the town or nothing can prevent this from happening.

The game topic is here: Brass & Shrapnel Mafia - Day 2

Please confirm by replying to this PM with your alignment.

The game will start after at least 8 players have confirmed.

i’m town


nice grammer


editing posts is a modkillable offense

who do i report that to?

oh yeah, should probably plan stuff in pregame, right? i’m, uh… not sure what i’m going to do this game but expect the unexpected, i suppose


I have completed my feelings about being mafia.

Topic closed until night 1. Good luck!

oh wtf, they actually flip “blank” or “not blank”


that changes my view on the balance of this game

I went through all 5 previous games to figure out how things usually work. There is no “usually”, but there was a narrow consensus to flip the vigs that way.


need to rethink things with that. obviously what happens now highly depends on who shot who among the players left alive. cupcake obviously shot me rofl. he shoots no one but me 100% of the time. glad someone actually vig killed him rofllllllllll

at least one person left alive obviously shot cupcake. hopefully the others shot myloninja? or only blank vigs shot me

in any case… uh… hard to find a path to victory now

i need to make dwi and nanook paranoid of each other i guess (as well as getting a mislynch on mylo)

so the obvious defense is “why does brass hammer there if i’m scum with him? why do i tie myself so heavily to him as scum there? it’s literally not something i ever do as scum - i bus sinking ships hard for all the town credit it’s worth” etc etc

which is generally true. not actually sure what i was thinking in this game - lesson learnt; don’t drunk post

it’s workable. depends on whether i can spin the narrative well enough

no high hopes, though. played too weak a D1 with too obvious associatives in hindsight but eh… maybe spinnable

honestly i dont even fucking know why brass hammered so i can spout all the bullshit i want about it

it just legitimately makes no sense to me