You guys are Mafia


Hi Tier, you’re Mafia

  • For one cycle (night and day, or day and night) after DS dies, you cannot die. Example: if DS is lynched D1 you cannot die on N1 or D2, if DS dies on N1 you cannot die on D2 or N2, etc. In addition, your actions all become unstoppable and ninja’d (can’t be watched or tracked). You appear as innocent to any cop investigations. If your factional kill is guaranteed to fail you get an extra shot. If DS has not died yet, this ability is redacted when you flip. It is unredacted whenever DS dies.
  • You’re a cop, doctor, tracker, and watcher. You can use all of the abilities every night (each once, can be on different or same targets). You can use them on yourself.

Hi DS, you’re Mafia

  • When a member of your team dies you may write any part of their flip outside of “Hi NAME, you’re Mafia” . They still must unambiguously be mafia, and you must have at least 30 words that aren’t gibberish, but anything else within reason is fair game. Also don’t take too long.
  • The above ability does not apply to NotMafia. (This ability will be redacted on your flip).
  • While you are alive, when your team successfully kills someone at night, you privately receive their role pm as they would have otherwise flipped. You may add up to 3 fake bullet points to their role, but you may not alter existing ones. (The fake ones can be between or before existing ones). They will flip as the modified role pm.
  • When you die the unedited role PMs of anyone you edit are revealed.
  • You know that at least one ability exists in the game that interacts with yours.

Hi M2H, you’re Mafia

  • NEVER GIVE UP. If you get lynched on D1 or D2 and there’s a counter-wagon that’s one or two votes less than your lynch wagon - they die instead.
  • NEVER BACK DOWN. While you’re alive, you and your teammates are all immune to day kills. (Something may happen that disables this).
  • NEVER SURRENDER. If the factional NK whiffs (your team will be informed of this), any kills you carry out become unstoppable the following night.
  • NEVER SAY NEVER. You can revive one member of the town after they die and have flipped town. If you are alive the night after you use this ability, your team gets an extra night kill. Is this thematic? Hell if I know.

Hi NotMafia, you’re not not Mafia

  • You know there is no Jester in the game.
  • The game will be publicly told when the game begins that there is a Jester in the game.
  • You can only die via lynch. This takes priority over any other abilities in the game.
  • You flip Jester that won alone and left the game when you die. You won’t be revealed to be Mafia until the end of the following day.

@DS training you hard all game

Roles edited into the OP.

Well I have to try this game. Shit.

Yeah it would be nice if we could all try this game tbh, scum doesn’t win here enough

yh I can try but I prob need coaching


Never post ok.

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Nah he needs to post, not posting is what fucked him last game

Can I just say hi 18hrs in and afk?

i mean yeah maybe? I think it would be better for you to be super active and just act like you have a really important role that you are super excited to play as

not mafia is already going to slank like crazy tbh

Wtf is a slank?

I’m here to troll drink listerine and I;m all out of listerine

lowpost / lurk

Just scum hunt like you normally would as town, but avoid calling out the four of us basically

for fucks sake duskfall Jusgdgfwayidgw

ok what do I do?

probably just ignore dusk for the most part and just point out logical inconsistencies in peoples arguments

im gonna be away for most of the night, just kinda afk/lurk and youll be fine - we are in a good spot rn

lol notmafia actually is never going to die at this rate.