Ask Again! Mafia OVER

This game is brought to you by Ellibereth.

If your role PM is properly ambiguous, then you are probably vanilla town, but there is no way to know for sure.

Question of the day… For alignment: What is the game theme?


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Day 1 Begins



G’day mates! You bunch think I should throw some shrimp on the barby, or would ya rather I drop by the Maccas for some vegemite on my way back from the bottle o? Gimme a yell, i’ll just be on the balcony taking a smoke owo.

I am VT or Traitor.

BTW, I don’t count these games as actual games because the alignment is unknown.

Correct one of the mafia’s biggest flaws, thinking without knowing that you are sorting.



don’t ruin my joke ty

You mean one of your great flaws? :smiley:

I’ve actually managed to make myself forget I rolled mafia the last few times on forum but that led to unintentional bussing…

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But yes, if you don’t know what sort it is, you can’t hate rounding the x sort

Stars have always been true visionaries

gtacc make up my stream in the fucking game mechanic

You probably have to * make them to someone who can’t edit *

If you can’t edit mine, edit it to talk about loot.

@GTacc means my stream

elli is having a stroke owo

Could we all be Town?
Could we all be Mafia Traitors?

This is a Mickey Mouse question

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