8 player Necromancy Mafia Seeking a replacement (8/8)

Necromancy Mafia
Player Count: 8
Deadlines: 5x(48+24)
Max game length estimate: 2 weeks
Daily time commitment per player : 5 posts max per player per game day

Setup: 6 vanilla town – 2 mafia goons

Special role: Necromancer

The Necromancer is randomly chosen among all (living and dead) players at the start of the second day. The necromancer’s identity is secret, players continue play normally (if you are mafia roll necromancer, you still participate in the night kill).

Once the Necromancer is introduced to the game, all players who were killed are granted a second life as “undead”.

  • The Necromancer can only be killed at night if he is also a living mafia player

  • The Necromancer acts as the Doctor role, and can perform a save once per game

  • The Necromancer is unaffected by lynch votes cast by undead players

Special role: Undead

Upon their first death, town and mafia are resurrected as undead, their victory condition is temporarily modified to match the Necromancer’s victory condition. If they are killed a second time, undead players are eliminated from the game and return to their initial victory condition (town or mafia).

  • Undead players act as Vanilla Townies, however, their identities are known as Undead
  • Undead players win if the count of undead equals the count of living even if the Necromancer is dead
  • No additional undead players are generated once the necromancer is dead

Congrats! You are a Vanilla townie,

You win when there are no remaining mafia and necromancer players.

Oy! You are a mafia goon,

You win when only mafia remain. If you are alone at the end with a mafia goon necromancer, you are immediately eliminated from the game, you do not return as undead.

Ooooh… You are the Necromancer,

You win when the number of undead are greater or equal to the number of living (you are not included in this calculation) or if you are the last player alive.

General blah blah:

  • If there is a majority vote on a player, the day instantly ends, 24 hour night begins.

  • If you have not submitted a vote during the day, you may submit one at night, the lynch will be announced the following day. You may not post at night, only vote.

  • You may not remove a vote, you can only displace it.

  • The player who receives the most votes is eliminated.

  • Mafia goons can kill their partner at night, in this case, the agreed upon kill is revoked.

Hopefully this gathers enough interest :slight_smile:

Player list:

I also have a setup for Survivor: Borneo if that’s preferred (AND YES, I WANT TO DO THEM ALL), else this one will probably come up next week.

havent read the rules yet but in

this looks completely broken.

Can i blow all my 5 posts in 5 minutes if so in


5 posts max?

im fucked

Just spam with me


DS here






Thats an in

if i dont have a fun role i will afk. auto me in if you want

Ur role is treedump

treestump the all time greatest role ever

You will love my survivor: Borneo mafia… Do I ever have the role for you! Oooh baby.

that’s going to be juicy >.>

why game day instead of irl day