7p (Over)





  • 5 Vanilla Townies
  • 1 Mafia Godfather
  • 1 Mafia Goon

Town wins if the Mafia Godfather dies, else Mafia wins.

The Mafia have no private communication. The Mafia Godfather is responsible for submitting all mafia actions - see the “DEATHS” section below.

On any phase, either Mafia-aligned player may choose to submit to the host that they wish to “switch”. If both Mafia-aligned players make this request on the same phase, the Goon will become the Godfather and the Godfather will become the goon. The new godfather will be informed where all current mafia actions are directed. IT WILL BE PUBLICLY ANNOUNCED THAT A SWITCH OCCURRED. The switch may only occur once.


  • Every game day will last at most 5 phases. Each phase will last 24 hours and each player submits a post every phase. Thus this game will last at most 15 days. Please make sure you’re able to make 1 post a day over this entire period before signing up!

  • You never post in the game topic - all posts are submitted by pm to me.

  • You may submit a vote with your post. Use [vote]Username[/vote].

  • Votes do NOT carry over between posts. If you vote for Ellibereth in your 2nd post of a day and you want to still be voting for Ellibereth in your 3rd, you need to revote in said post.

  • Posts have a max character count of 3000. This includes quotes but does not include markdown/bbcode. An easy way to check if something counts is to highlight your cooked post in the preview screen and copy & paste it into an online character counter. We’re adding a character counter in the composer to make this process easier - will hopefully be live by the end of the month.



  • If at any point a strict majority of the players are voting someone, they die and the first phase of the next day begins.

  • The Mafia Godfather may submit and change their kill at anytime. They may choose to submit two names as an ordered list, e.g. 1. Ellibereth 2. fferyllt. This way, if Ellibereth is voted off by the town, fferyllt will be mafia-killed. Only Ellibereth would be mafia-killed in all other circumstances.

  • The mafia kill resolves the same phase the vote killing happens. If the Godfather did not submit a kill or did not submit a second choice in the case of his kill target being voted out, they lose their kill for that day-cycle. Remember to submit your action early - it can be changed at anytime.

  • MAFIA HAS CHOICE OVER WHO IS EXECUTED IF THERE ARE TIED WAGONS ON THE FIFTH PHASE OF A DAY. Along with their post submission for the fifth phase of a day, the Mafia Godfather MUST submit an ordered list of all living town players, e.g. 1. Player1 2. Player2 3. Player3. If there are tied highest wagons the higher ranked player among the tied wagons dies (1 is the highest). If only two mafia are tied as the highest wagons the goon automatically dies over the godfather.

  • The voted execution resolves BEFORE the godfather/goon switch. This means that if the godfather and goon choose to switch on a phase where the godfather receives the vote majority, the godfather is still executed.


  • The post submission deadline will be everyday at 2018-12-05T17:00:00Z (just the time). Please don’t be late.

  • Death/kill/execution don’t really fit in terms of flavor anymore. I’m pretty sure that dead players still having limited influence is a good mechanic so we’ll be thinking about better game terminology.

POSTS FOR PHASE 1.1 ARE DUE 2018-12-11T17:00:00Z.

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Motherfucker, I’m ill.

VOTE: Mantis

hello everyone, nice to meet you. lets have some fun!

Hi everyone! I see a lot of familiar faces in this playerlist, so that’s good.

So unlike previous iterations of this game, it seems like this is simply a regular game with post constraints, set up in phases. So I will mostly approach this game like I would any other game. An important note though - I will not be aggressive with my voting (I will be mostly making lists and clearly signaling where I am leaning before placing any votes). Given the rules, and the difficulty in catching Scum with the game the way it is, I feel like we should avoid ending any day early. So, I will actively be looking to avoid this in any way. In other words, I will restrict my voting to rounds 4 and 5. Now, I would encourage others to follow just so that we can get as much information as possible in the earlier posts.

Also, anybody that discusses how to go about the Godfather Switch will probably be high on my list - I have some ideas as to how I would go about using it if I was Scum, but I will not be sharing them until it is used, if at all (since this is of negative utility to Town in my mind).

Anyway, looking forward to the game!

So we execute Gtacc then we execute Beeboy then we win and/or profit.

Full disclosure, I’m only spending about 30 minutes a day on this, maybe 45 once things get complicated.

If you joke vote in your first post, I will try to kill you on principle.

I, Ellibereth, drink ball juice VOTE: andres

ErikaFurudo is lock Town.

I am just going to randomly clear him for the fun of it to enhance my ability to solve this game quickly.


Hi guys, I have nothing to say at this moment. Not going to vote anyone, because I see no point to that. I imagine the best way to go about things, is state who we want to vote in the 2nd post of ours?

Here is a song

Phase 1.1 Votes:

Mantis (1): GTacc
Andresmvb (1): Erika Furudo
GTacc (1): beeboy

Didn’t Vote (4): Metal Sonic, Andresmvb, Nanook, Mantis

PHASE 1.2 WILL END 2018-12-12T17:00:00Z

I agree with Andres that we should not be ending the day early. We have a 1/7 chance to lynch GF on a random lynch on D1 so yeah makes sense.

Clem seems aggresive, his voter voting principle seems like an excuse to oopsie lynch at D2, so if he is scum, his today’s vote will be town.

I don’t think I have anything to say so I will ask questions:

Wait a minute, while trying to make questions, I realized there are no cops in the game!


By asking questions and not ending the day early of course!

If you were scum, who would be your mate in this game?
Also if Beeboy is scum, do you think he TMI’d Erika or tried to get a weird not-voting excuse on Erika and maybe WIFOM ?

Hello, bee boy is a funny guy. But I would love erika to be town too.

My eyes glossed over the rules. How is this game different from the previous games @andres ? There doesn’t seem to be much huge difference to me. Maybe I am in a slump this game.

I don’t have a handle on who is scum for now. Let’s see the next stream of posts.

@GTacc, why did you think it was a good idea to start with a rap just like DS did when he was Scum? Hahaha the boldness almost makes me think you’re Town. In any case, looking forward to other interesting contributions from you.

Just out of curiosity, why did you think it was better to start off with a vote rather than not?

@MetalSonic, what’s up? What do you make of GTacc, Erika and Beeboy’s votes?

@Nanook, 30-45 minutes should be enough. You figured out I was Scum last game while also spending not that much more time than that if I’m not wrong. In any case, I’m sure you’ll share some thoughts on the early votes and stuff so I’ll be paying attention to that.

@ErikaFurudo, still bitter about the policy lynch last game? Hey, at least we won.

@beeboy, can you explain how you made your pick? Did you pick a name out of a hat? And how long do you intend to maintain the lock Town tag? I can see how it would be better to randomly clear one for a while than try to randomly guess who is Scum, but if you just so happened to have picked a Scum player, then your ability to solve the game dramatically decreases. Anyway, just some thoughts.

Hey @Mantis! I actually thought I would have some idea as to how I was leaning early, but it’s kind of tough - there isn’t that much content beyond the early votes. If you forced me to eliminate someone now with only this much information, I would probably randomly pick amongst those that put a vote down, but there isn’t much logic behind that. After all, having contributed to a lynch with your first post is like next to impossible. So there you go - if you wanted me to signal how I would vote early - that’s all that I have for now.

Don’t like the amount of votes thrown around. Of the three, I think Gtacc’s is probably the worst. If I were gonna vote this turn, it’d probably be there.

Erika is probably town. Beeboy too. Don’t love the immediate votes, but I was amused by the rest of their posts, so I’m OK with them for now.

Despite Andres mostly being OK in approach, I kinda get a scum vibe there. We’ll see what happens.

Probably gonna vote next post, but holding it for now.

I thought the point of this was to make elli say things. I feel violated.

phase one results (town > mafia)



Andres you are the only one to bring up the gf switch. Ima feel real angry if that was a Freudian thing, but I still tr it. Beeboy, I’m washed up and old now :frowning: . Nanook why did you pick gtacc and beeboy? Explain this meme to me.

My gut signals are telling me that the “I’m only spending 30 minutes/day on this” from nanook is filler at best and wolf cover at worst.

VOTE: Mantis

Post reads as awkward to me, I have a feeling we won’t be able to get anywhere this game lol.

Hi guys

Sure. What nanook said
VOTE: Gtaac

Phase 1.2 Votes:

Mantis (1): beeboy
GTacc (1): Mantis

Didn’t Vote (5): GTacc, Metal Sonic, Andresmvb, Nanook, Erika Furudo

PHASE 1.3 WILL END 2018-12-13T17:00:00Z