5P Vengeful Reboot Dead Thread

Welcome to the afterlife!

Lol I didn’t know that town vengekill is available at Lylo… that’s makes the game even easier for town. Thought it ends at a 3p mislynch. Wowee.

Those are the original mechanics. Urist thought the game would be more fair with a second venge kill if the first lynch is on town.

The original odds are something like 70-30 in favor of mafia

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If scum (but not The Godfather) was lynched D1, then the vengeful town misshoots at 4p MYLO, what happens? Does town lose?

yeah that would leave 1 town and 1 mafia alive.

So basically at any point if a vengeful misshoots, town loses


I played a 9p vengeball (I think it was the first playthrough of the setup, but I could be wrong.

Blue and Red scum teams, both with a godfather and a goon, plus 5 town.

On day 1, town-katsuki was quicklynched, and he shot town-Wisdom.

So day 2 was 3 town and 4 mafia. We lynched the blue godfather, so on day 3 it was 3 town and the red scumteam. We lynched my strongest townread despite my screaming bloody murder. :(.

But, he venged the godfather. And Day 4 lasted a very short time with the lynch of the final scum.

In that setup, it seemed like it was easy-ish to spot the goons, but town’s back was against the wall - we had to lynch at least one godfather to stay in the game.

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Hi guys

I knew you would shoot me MS. But i/we were a bit worried that I might get lynched. So instead i just voted you to get a town lynch. And hopefully last scum can win in lylo…

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Actually if you think about it, it’s better if the goon gets lynched…

We realized that after! Like looking at the odds.

I actually didn’t realize that there was a 2nd vengeful shot.

I’m kinda meh about that modification, but one playthrough probably isn’t enough to say if it’s good or not.