5p Vengeful, Experimenting with discrete time limited posts. (5/5)

Ok here’s how this is going to work:

We’re going to use 5-player Vengeful as a setup because we’re testing with 5 people so games end sooner. In the future we have drastically different “setups” from what is the norm planned but we’re testing 1 new element at a time.

For the purposes of this game:

5p Vengeful
  • 3 vengeful townies, 1 mafia goon, 1 mafia godfather.
  • If mafia godfather is EXECUTED (lynched) Day 1, town wins.
  • If a townie is executed Day 1, they get to kill someone. (Killing godfather does NOT mean town wins).
  • If day 2 happens it just becomes 3p vanilla lylo.
  • Scum don’t get private communication.

That’s old stuff, here’s the new stuff:

  • Everyone has a maximum of n+2 posts a day, where n is the number of players alive. Each player’s i-th post is revealed simultaneously.

  • You never post in the game topic - all posts are submitted by pm to me.

  • First post for every day is submitted (pm’d to me) the night prior. (So the first post of the game is submitted to me during confirmation).

  • You may submit a vote with your post in every post other than your first post of a day (the one written the night prior). If at any point a strict majority of the players are voting someone, they get executed and the game goes to night. Use [vote]Username[/vote]. This will not count toward your post’s character limit. Your vote will automatically be positioned at the top of your post, on it’s own line.

  • Votes do NOT carry over between posts. If you vote for Ellibereth in your 2nd post of a day and you want to still be voting for Ellibereth in your 3rd, you need to revote in said post.

  • If after everyone’s last post of the day there is no majority, no lynch happens. For the purposes of this vengeful setup, that means that scum wins.

  • Posts have a max character count of 2000. This will count quotes. For now it’ll be kinda annoying to check this - feel free to guesstimate and just pm your post to me if you can’t easily access a word count and I’ll do the due diligence work. We’re building tech to make this easier to check on site.

  • Every posting phase lasts 18 hours or whenever the last post is submitted.

I think that’s all.


Probably going to give the first 5 slots to staff members + first people who signed up so that’d be @Nanook @Urist @fferyllt @Key and @beeboy, unless you guys have no interest now that the ruleset is out. :stuck_out_tongue:

For people who don’t get a slot this game, we’ll be running a lot of iteration of these and they, in theory, should go by fast.

Ask questions here, if people are only slightly confused we can just start, I think it’ll become more obvious how stuff works once a game is actually happening.

This is how a maximally long game would look:


5 post 0’s (written N0)
5 post 1’s
5 post 2’s
5 post 3’s
5 post 4’s
5 post 5’s
5 post 6’s


3 post 0’s
3 post 1’s
3 post 2’s
3 post 3’s
3 post 4’s


Obviously a lot of the numbers are arbitrary and open to adjustment, but the length of a game is basically a function of the number of players, the number of posts per day, and the max length of time designated for each post. In this case we’re just doing 5, n+2, and 18h. These along with max character limit can all be messed around with.

In terms of how to get notifications I’ll copy and paste from the other topic:

Also make sure that chrome is allowing notifications, you should get an alert on your phone confirming stuff works if you do this right.

Given who the players are now, I’ll be messaging everyone on discord as a pseudo notification when a new posting phase starts.

That seems clear to me, I’m still keen.

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Looks straightforward enough to me, I’m in.

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I’m still in!

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Google docs for editing/formatting posts and getting a word count is an option, but it would count your markdown commands and bbcode as well as the text.

I use the typora markdown editor on my laptop, and it provides a word count.

Dillinger looks like a decent online cloud-based markdown editor if you don’t want to download something, or need to access it on a mobile device: https://dillinger.io/ It shows the word and character count in the upper right corner of the page.

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If it’s too much of a hassle for someone (i.e. if you’re on mobile) just be in the rough neighborhood until we can implement something into the post editor itself. If anything aim lower, it’s much more likely we lower the count in the future over raising it.

I am in!


Away we go.