451 Video Mafia (Initial Interest)

This is for figuring out availability for preliminary testing for video mafia stuff we’re going to do.
I’d say we won’t get started until at least the second week of December since I’ll need to figure out the tech side of things - but after that what days of the week at what time (with time zones please) are people free.

Some notes:

  • Games will be 7-11 players.
  • Each game should last an hour to an hour and a half.
  • 2 alignments, mostly vanilla though we might get creative with the few roles there will be.
  • Going to experiment with various voting systems. Been working on ways to display and transmit vote information cleanly/quickly in general. I think making players have to remember without reference or write down who voted who is silly.
  • The atmosphere will start polite - at the start definitely going to err on the side of very polite and then move it away from the very. I’d say a small class discussion group for a lecture/seminar is a good example? You wouldn’t be shouting over each other very often with a professor watching. :stuck_out_tongue:

PLEASE POST YOUR AVAILABILITY IN DECEMBER (INCLUDING TIMES) SO I CAN SEE IT CLEARLY. The dates posted are obviously non-committal but they’re going to lead to me generating a few candidate dates/times that will be fairly committal if you agree to show up for those, so please try to make sure they’re somewhat accurate.

Is it +18 only

Eh didn’t think of that, I need to check the law/rules. Thanks for bringing it up.

I think for the purposes of the test runs we’ll be starting with >13 should be fine but that might change when we’re making the real production.

Also how much will it take? Can I be in like few expedition games? Because i cant league

The stuff we’re scheduling right now is for testing, so session by session, no league. It’s mainly to figure out a good game format, a good set of rules, and for me to learn how to operate streaming/video/graphics stuff.

I can only commit to sunday availability in December. That month is crazy for my work. I’ll be p much Monday - Saturday everyweek up until the week of christmas

I don’t know exactly what times or days I’ll be available yet, but I know I’m interested and will make whatever games I possibly can.


I’m interested - not sure on exact dates but in general I can do times on weekdays between 6-10pm NZDT and on weekends between 8am and 10pm.

Btw, I’d pretty strongly favor making this 18+, personally. Removes a ton of potential liability issues, plus off-color jokes are fun.

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Are there lots of youngsters on this site?

Its probably only me LOL, also im busy before my 18th birthday anyways so i wont be playing

past 7pm est anyday but wednesday

outside that I dont have a preference towards what age group is allowed

This is still happening but probably won’t start until early 2019. I’ll be posting updates on how this is going to work as we figure stuff out.

A big difference with existing stuff is that we will almost surely NOT start by live-streaming on twitch. Instead we’ll be making edited Youtube videos of the games.


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