451 takes over liars club (October Brawl)


Liars Club is running a two weekend event, and several of your local 451 heroes are participating/dominating! And also josh is there.

Come watch legends like star v, gtacc, and clem! And also josh is there.

Games are streamed here: https://m.twitch.tv/liarsclub

You can watch last weekends games where yours truly put on a virtuoso performance, and the next games are Saturday at 7:30 eastern.

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This setup is a lot different than the others, correct?

Yes, it is! It’s 5 vt, 2 goons, 1 combat medic. The combat medic can make a save at night, or becomes vengeful when killed. The goons also can kill someone when they die. HOWEVER, only one of those three actions can happen in a given game—once the first action happens, the game is essentially mountainous.

It is also a flipless setup.

I believe @StarV has some thoughts on the best way to play this

Also the voting is fairly unique this time around yeah?

Yes but that’s a headache.

So the way voting works is:

Halfway through the day the mod announces “Player X is the accuser.” At the end of the day the accuser has 10 seconds to formal someone (player Y). Player X has 30 seconds where only they can speak, then player Y has 60 seconds to speak by themselves. At the end of that, a show of hands vote happens—if Player Y receives a majority vote, they die. If they do not, Player Y is immune for the rest of the day and there is a 90 second period where anyone except Players X and Y can formal anyone else except Players X and Y. If no formal is made by the end of that time, Player X dies. If a formal is made, rinse and repeat. This continues until someone dies, either a defender via vote or an accuser via running out of new people to formal.

So yeah, I was actually thinking about this set up, it seems pretty straight forward.

What I’m thinking is that people generally play more scummy / differently when they have a Power Roles and the entire goal of this set up is to not trigger any Power Roles early on.

So we play off of that?

Day 1: Lynch someone who is null/town
Night 1: KP


Day 2: Lynch someone who is null/town
Night 2: Medic save

2-2-1 LyLo (with 1 or 2 IC)

It’s basically impossible to lose at LyLo in this situation, the only thing that’s tricky is that you need to make sure the medic does not save night 1 unless he is going to die. If the medic is forced to self-save, we can basically just blame him for the loss and troll the rest of the game.

Now, our best chance is probably just to get the consensus town reads and roll a die to figure out which one we lynch. This ensures that the outcome is random and fair, but also that if we are reading someone incorrectly as a town read, we still win the game. In the event of a tie, we let the accuser die, because that’s as random as it gets.

I’m confident this strategy will work and might even be optimal, but the issue is, I’m not sure if people will go for it. This might be simple enough for the Liar’s club crew, but I’m really not sure.

Now, if people don’t go for this play… I just need to identify the player people are least likely to listen to and bring them to Lynch Lose every game? Idk…


I’m pretty nervous because I have to go 4-0. Elli said so.

Isn’t the medic save compulsive?

its not

Nah, my plan is rock solid

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Yeah i see no problems 10/10

STARV! Come back with your shield or on it

This thread is for adult talk


You know, I’ve always wanted to be a baker.

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chesskid is one n away from a baker :thinking:


Is this a meta pantheon league joke


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This sounds like a fun game.

I did it guys. I did the play.
We still lost. Boo PEG.